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Conway’s Game of Life

A simulation of life patterns in John Conway’s: Game of Life.

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“LESS THAN” by Nine Inch Nails

We have posted about Jeff Minter’s Polybius (named after an urban myth) before; but now a custom build of the game is featured in the video to the new Nine Inch Nails song “LESS THAN”.

Enjoy your sensual overload!

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Thumper (VR Rhythm Game)

Thumper is a dark and twisted rhythm game for VR (but also playable on a plain old screen). In the video you can see some gameplay from the very first level. It only gets trippier further on in the game…

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“Joust” – Atari Video Game Commcercial

1982 Commercial for the video game “Joust” for Atari 2600 & 5200

I don’t even know whats happening in this commercial but i love it regardless. Commercials back then were so much better i find, as most of them were just pure nonsense. Now a days commercials are so simplistic¬†and/or generic it kills me; metaphorically.

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Trippy Pokemon Clips from Short Film “Pikachu’s Vacation”

With Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing worldwide last week it is time to dig out all those trippy scenes from the Pokemon short “Pikachu’s Vacation”.

You can watch the whole movie here on the official Pokemon channel. Enjoy!