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Toshio Matsumoto – White Hole (1979)

22 Apr

Toshio Matsumoto (Born 1932) is a Japanese film director best known for his film “Funeral Parade of Roses” which influenced Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”.

“While Hole” has an extremely similar aesthetic style to that of the final scenes of Kubrick’s  “2001, a space oddessey“, that came out in the exact same year (1969), and with which so many hippies were tripping at the time.

Matsumoto has created some other pretty psychedelic experimental films over the years. His “White Hole”  from 1979 has pretty some amazing visuals, even without taking into consideration that it was done more than 30 years ago.  The film has a beautiful flow which makes for a benign trip, whereas Matsumoto’s “Phantom” contains what seems to be the most psychedelic yoga lesson ever as well as other beautiful and bizzare visuals.

(Link:  Stefan Demey. Thanks!)

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