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Synesthetic forest walk (Psychedelic replication)

15 Jul

Ofir Klemperer- מכה מהדמיון Maka MehaDimyon (A Strike From Imagination)

12 Jul

Another Ofir Klemperer vid from Flex Your Love Muscles studio!

LSD/Acid Visual Simulation in a Walk Through Nature

8 Jul

Silent 4K Fractal Flame Radial Kaleidoscope Screensaver – 2 Minute Loop – 3 Hrs – Calming & Soothing

1 Jul

Another silent visual treat begging to be paired with your favourite sounds.

4K Psychedelic Animated Graphics – 2 Hours!

24 Jun

Put on an album, playlist, mixtape, podcast, or whatever sounds you fancy to accompany this purely visual feast.

black midi – John L (dir: Nina McNeely)

21 Jun

Absolutely outrageously inspired video here, WOW

Materials | Off the Air | Fan-Made

18 Jun

Great fan made off the air compilation

Animal Collective – ODDSAC (Film)

17 Jun

Space and the City

12 Jun

Ofir Klemperer – The Voice of Certainty (vid: Flex Your Love Muscles)

7 Jun
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