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Big Trip by Vadim Epstein

16 Aug

Using new GAN technology, this 1 hour trip morphs and changes from scene to scene seamlessly. Crazy new deep dream style code!


My Imaginary Friends [Vadim Epstein, 2019]

1 Aug

“Made with Celeb1024 model of ProGAN, briefly uptrained on the punk/goth/rave portraits (kind of transfer learning). Produced for the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) students’ exhibition.”

Urban Homes: 4/20 Jam

30 Jul

Video by Keine Zeit Medien

X.Y.U. (shortfilm)

27 Jul

Fever Ray – To the Moon and Back

24 Jul

Film School: Crushin

23 Jul

Directed by TACHYONS+


Aldous Harding – The Barrel

17 Jul

Electrifying psychedelic witch, you have charmed my heart on ❤

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