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Noj Dot Forest

18 Sep

Morphing | Off The Air | Fanmade

11 Sep

One of the better fanmade Off The Air videos i’ve seen!

Lavender Worm – Lasagne Rhythm

28 Aug


Flying Lotus – Remind U (Official Video)

22 Aug

Mara – Altair

31 Jul

Dark and luscious 3D renders, mixed well

Quentin and his Birdbox Orchestra featuring his 18th Century hand teacher

9 Jul

Bizarre and beautiful.

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum

2 Jul

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum is quite psychedelic and seems like a real treat to visit.

If you are unable to get to Tokyo, you can visit the online Psychedelic Video Museum which launched the last Bicycle Day based on the Daily psychedelic Video.

Jade Cicada + Tenorless: An Audiovisual Mixtape

19 Jun

When Jade Cicada and Tenorless usually play together it’s uptempo heaters, but this ambient journey with them is some great content from the Featerbed Sessions. The live stream also raised money for Covid relief

Hémisphères (détail), Jean Piché, 2011

15 Jun

Eric Serra – The Big Blue Overture– Maud Geffray Remix (dir. Julius Horsthuis)

2 Jun

Another absolute masterpiece from fractal master Julius Horsthuis released last week.

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