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Superorganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D. (Official Video)

30 Apr

Just a little something for ya

The Gate to a Deep Dream – DDG Generator

29 Apr

Retro | Off The Air | fanmade

16 Apr

Cool mix of retro psychedelic videos. Perfect for when you don’t want to get up to change the video!

Unknowable (Meadow Maker + FlexYourLoveMuscles)

5 Apr

Latino America | Off The Air | fanmade

26 Mar

Great fanmade off the air episode that highlights Latino American culture and psychedelia.

Basim Magdy – New Acid

18 Mar

A psychedelic haze envelops a zoo: Le Cinéma Club (


12 Mar

Directed by Cole Kush Animated by Cole Kush, Denus Goo & Laura Pumphrey Produced by Daytime Studio

Chromatics – Time Rider

25 Feb

Hippo Campus – buttercup (Official Video)

5 Feb

Beautiful animation style

Direction: Noah Farrar Animation: Noah Farrar, and Aaron Yankowiak of @dolorondu

WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE (NYE in virtual Notre Dame)

30 Jan
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