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⊰ ⎊ ⊱ ∳ ⊰ ⋄ ⊱ (video art by andrei jay)

26 Sep

“video made live using video_waaaves

this is an induction”

AI generated DMT entities

5 Aug

First steps into the future!

[SFM] Beach Berd

15 Jul

Quelle Chris & The Alchemist “Iron Steel Samurai”

8 Jul

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth – Mello Music Group

GENGHIS TRON – Dream Weapon (Dir: Mount Emult)

6 Jun

The Language of Dreams

30 May

Video by Wheeler Winston Dixon

Tayarat O Sayarat (instrumental) – official visuals

26 Feb

Join the Egyptian musician & producer El Waili in his journey with different vehicles through the skies 🙂

Stänzii – Spiritual Maximaliiism

21 Feb

Jabberwokk 3D AI

11 Feb

Wild new AI visuals with Jabberwokk poem from the Russian artist Vadim Epstein

Suuns – Make It Real

21 Jan

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