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Planchette- Fadeaway 19

15 May
cello by Planchette (Nora Barton), visuals by Flex Your Love Muscles

Circulatory Systems

11 May

Fractalised timelapse tripping by Visual Suspect.

Pouff – Mercury Birthpod

17 Apr

So great to see the legendary Pouff back in action after a period of silence!

Foxy Shazam – Man in Bloom (video by Nikita Gross / Flex Your Love Muscles)

3 Apr

New video I worked on just dropped over the weekend! Come wallow in the creative destruction of Kali….

Camera and direction by Nikita Gross ( )

Video magic by Matthew Shelton / Flex Your Love Muscles.

Thomas Poli – Flavien Théry – Fred Murie – Cette obscure clarté / Cristaux Liquides

2 Apr


3 Mar

Signature weirdness at the intersection of Die Antwoord and AI anime

IV4 ft. Jeremih – Pretty Please (Director’s Cut by Avteur)

27 Feb

Jonathan Alvin – 0sandpsce

20 Feb

Ai Art – pytti pixel animations by Nerdy Rodent

17 Feb

Nerdy Rodent at it again with some incredible pytti AI art selections

Cosmo, Not. – Gage Winslow

10 Feb

A nice AI trip through time and space. These are getting pretty wild, eh?

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