Blueberry Ayahusca Scene

1 Oct

“Blueberry”, A.K.A “Renegade” (2004) is one of the most psychedelic films I’ve ever seen. It is a rare film which has a trip-like feeling from beginning to end.

This sequence, portraying an Ayahuasca experience undergone by the hero Vincent Cassel near the end of the movie, is one of the most breathtaking depictions of the psychedelic experience ever created. Lo and behold.

One Response to “Blueberry Ayahusca Scene”

  1. Hadron March 13, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

    It’s so sad that the actors and plot are so thin in this movie. It’s almost unwatchable in that respect. The visuals and cinematography though! WOW. Just beautiful scenery shots and some of the best representations of psychedelic visuals ever done. Just amazing.

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