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Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)

5 Jun

Simian Mobile Disco: Staring At All This Handle (Official Video)

28 May

An unsettling and surreal video

Ghost of Vroom – I Hear the Ax Swinging (dir. by David Rees and Corey Dome)

24 May

Trippin Jaguar – Road to Cartesia (Lucas Guzman)

3 May

PNAU – Go Bang (Official Music Video)

9 Apr


12 Mar

Directed by Cole Kush Animated by Cole Kush, Denus Goo & Laura Pumphrey Produced by Daytime Studio

Monster Mike – That (video by New Trash Crew)

1 Mar

Iglooghost – Clear Tamei (Official Video)

19 Feb

Iglooghost is an English music producer based in London. He makes some great stuff and has some wonky music videos out there! Take a look

Feadz – Metaman (Official Video)

12 Feb

I just stumbled across this cool one from 2014. Some nice holy mountain recreation among some other wild 3D symbols

Video directed by Noah Spidermen

Quantized Theory – Something Out There (video by kashOptix)

1 Feb
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