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death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – 너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요

11 Nov

An absolute slapper of a vaporwave music video. Top notch lofi right here!

Artificial Nightmares: The Sirens’ Song || Clip Guided Diffusion AI Art Video [4K 24 FPS]

22 Oct


14 Oct

Some wild stuff coming from Russian artist AContrari

The American Hush: Frieze NY 2022

7 Oct

A little art mixed with digital silliness

Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries | Continuous Visual Experience

23 Sep

This is a cool A/V album Röyksopp dropped recently. Video directed by Jonathan Zawada

Mokapzu Park

9 Sep

UFDD: Rainbow Clash – Believe Me, It All Has a Meaning

18 Jul

[SFM] Beach Berd

15 Jul

The Statue Experiment (Hiroshi Takagishi)

27 Jun

Detox Unit – INTERIOR CROCODILE (trip)

24 Jun

Not an official video but still a wild trip!

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