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Stained Glass and the Sun -Julius Horsthuis

10 Nov

Beautiful and reflective fractals


BIRDS OF PARADISE – Eternal Recurrence (Official Music Video)

26 Oct

Another beautiful fractal by Julius Horsthuis

BajaAjax – Commercial District

20 Oct

Wicked Video

Baja Ajax – Scuba (Gator.Vision & Chewing Foil)

8 Oct

Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse (vid by WeirdCore)

17 Sep

Spun Out of the Blue (Truman Brown)

10 Sep

Truman Brown is an under-heralded master of the Mandelbulb 3d animation, with wicked cool sound design too! All of his work is worth checking out:

BajaAjax – Commercial District (animation: Paul Plastic)

27 Aug

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