Soviets and Yellow Submarine

31 May

Some Soviet animators apparently were influenced by the aesthetics of Yellow Submarine and you can watch the evidence below. Thanks for the info, Russian Wikipedia.

A Box with Secret / Шкатулка с секретом (1976). Director: Valery Ugarov

Merry-Go-Round 1. Inattentive Giovanni / Веселая карусель N°1. Рассеянный Джованни (1969). Director: Anatoli Petrov. Starts at 1.32 in the video, but I think you will want to watch the first one, too!

Merry-Go-Round 5. This movie is about you, isn’t it? / Веселая карусель N°5. Не про тебя ли этот фильм? (1973)

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