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Vadim Mechona – we are believers

5 Dec

written by Vadim Mechona music production – Konstantin Golovlev mastering – Bruno Grife video director and editor – Vadim mechona after effects – Yishai Beit Halahmi art , make up and model – Mica Nussbaumer Cohen DOP – Lev zilberman special thanx to MELON STUDIO

Soviet Hippies (2017)

6 Feb

A very special documentary directed by Terje Toomistu.

Легенды перуанских индейцев / The Legends of the Peruvian Indians (1978)

6 Jul

Directed by Vladimir Pekar in The Soviet Union. Some really nice trance dance moments in this and all around great character designs.

Контакт / Contact (1978)

16 Jun

Soviet-era scifi animation by Vladimir Tarasov. Apparently acid found its way to the Soviet Union as well.

Soviets and Yellow Submarine

31 May

Some Soviet animators apparently were influenced by the aesthetics of Yellow Submarine and you can watch the evidence below. Thanks for the info, Russian Wikipedia.

A Box with Secret / Шкатулка с секретом (1976). Director: Valery Ugarov

Merry-Go-Round 1. Inattentive Giovanni / Веселая карусель N°1. Рассеянный Джованни (1969). Director: Anatoli Petrov. Starts at 1.32 in the video, but I think you will want to watch the first one, too!

Merry-Go-Round 5. This movie is about you, isn’t it? / Веселая карусель N°5. Не про тебя ли этот фильм? (1973)

Cat in the Hat (1984)

9 Nov

Aleksandr Petrov art directed this animated adaption of a Dr. Seuss poem for the Yekaterinburg-based Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Petrov later won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for The Old Man and the Sea (1999).

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