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Graffiti Stop Motion by BLU

25 Sep

Here is another stop motion graffiti by BLU.

Bruce Conner: Looking for Mushrooms (1967)

6 Sep

In 1962, Bruce Conner left San Francisco and moved to Mexico, apparently intending to “wait out the impending nuclear holocaust”. He spent about a year in Mexico before running out of cash and patience, and returning to the United States. During his year in Mexico, Conner hosted psychedelic guru Timothy Leary, who he had met on an earlier visit to New York. Conner and Leary occupied themselves with mushroom hunts in the Mexican countryside. It’s not clear whether their hunts were successful. But Conner’s staccato home-movies of their walks – combined with movies of previous mushroom hunts in San Francisco – became his film Looking for Mushrooms. The film rushes through the rustic landscape of rural Mexico, flitting past houses and through a crumbling graveyard.
Conner cut Looking for Mushrooms down to 100 feet in 1965 in order to fit it into an endless-loop cartridge for continuous projection. In 1967 he added a soundtrack by The Beatles (“Tomorrow Never Knows”).

“Butterfly” by Glenn Marshall

4 Sep

Geometry of Circles – Philip Glass Music on Sesame Street (1979)

15 Aug

Philip Glass with a Koyaanisqatsi style music in this sacred geometry video taken from Sesame St.

SINGULARITY – Roman de Guili

9 Jul

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a crystal ball and some fluids…

“An ode to planet earth, solely told with organic fluids and a tiny crystal ball.

Sometimes, the complexity of simplicity makes us fail to preserve the fundament of all we are and all we represent. But reaching awareness is not about the end, it is about the beginning. SINGULARITY takes us back to zero hour, 4.5 billion years back in time. It is the story of an indescribable hazard and a singular fortune: the fortune of being a human.

This is organic FX from terracollage. Household ingredients and ink. Strictly 2D, no CGI.”

“Olodumare” by Daniel Olabode

15 Jun

A short avant-garde piece about a woman trying to understand her mind. Made at Hertfordshire University.

The peace-pipe (1979) Trubka Mira

1 Feb

A 1979 Ukrainian cartoon tells the full story of the peace pipe.

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