Bubble Art

15 May

Let the world dissolve, let the world drip in colors, let the world bubble in your brain.

There is no angry way to say “bubble”!

[vimeo vimeo.com/21168008]

Solace is a cinematic installation that investigates the mental process and physical activity of seeing. At regular intervals a handcrafted apparatus creates a monumental soap film as a spatial intervention. Through precise lighting the inner movement of the soap film is revealed, showing a turbulent choreography of iridescent color and fluid motion. As gravity slowly gets a hold of the membrane the viewer can be fascinated with the phenomenon, until inevitably the fragile film bursts.

(the installation was altered and improved in recipe mechanics, software and space set-up in 2013, resulting in a more immersive space and longer lasting soap films. Fractal like imagery now starts appearing in the screen

[vimeo vimeo.com/94943877]

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