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Paul Smith – The Dreamer Print

11 Feb

Fire & Ice—“Chromatic Jack” by SINKERR

1 Feb

Deep in the Fractal Realms lies the alternating lands of Fire & Ice, flipped between with every beat of “Chromatic Jack.” Video made with Mandelbulber.

It Takes Time To Become Young – Jeniffer Abesirra and Nimrod Rothem

31 Jan

There’s nothing explicitly psychedelic about this video by French-Israeli artist Jeniffer Abesirra. What makes this video psychedelic in my eyes is just careful and evocative juxtaposition of images, which amounts to something that excites the eye and moves the heart, and which also establishes a poignant observation about our current day and age, and that is psychedelic.

“Dreamsters” Chris Dyer art animation

25 Jan

Here a fun animation by Zip Visuals, using Chris Dyer artwork and embellished by the music of Tipper (the song is called “Dreamsters”) .

Devon – Grimes (fan video by Tatiana Plakhova)

3 Dec

Entheogenic – Soma (Veda Mix)

30 Nov

Geometric Nature Beauty

Rick Jacobi art (animated by Steve Haman)

19 Nov

Projection mapping master Steve Haman bringing even MORE life to the incredible art of Rick Jacobi.

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