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Savej – Solstice (Album Mix) {TAS Visuals}

24 Sep

Fairly new Tas mix with some mazing music by Savej

NYLONS (Felix Colgrave animation)

6 Sep

Ben Chatwin – Transistor (video by Morgan Beringer)

23 Aug

Pyramid – See You In The Other Side (soundtrack)

14 Aug

Dead Soon A/V Version

13 Aug

Ofir Klemperer- מכה מהדמיון Maka MehaDimyon (A Strike From Imagination)

12 Jul

Another Ofir Klemperer vid from Flex Your Love Muscles studio!

Leslie Supnet: Second Sun (2014)

6 Jul

Short animation by Canadian experimental filmmaker Leslie Supnet. You can view the film First Sun and other works on her website.

Omega Mart Employee Training Video – Unit 1.2: Exceptional Customers

22 Jun

Very useful video on how to deal with tripping grocery store shoppers.

Pluroma (2015)

25 May

Very unique fractal painting animation by Dustyn Lucas. Designed for fulldome screenings.

Retro | Off The Air | fanmade

16 Apr

Cool mix of retro psychedelic videos. Perfect for when you don’t want to get up to change the video!

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