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millennium parade – Trepanation

29 Apr

Upwards – Cualli

15 Apr

Original artwork is “Calibration Station” by John Speaker. Animation and music by Cualli

Somnium Navigatio (excerpts)

12 Apr

Snippets from a 40 minute full dome audiovisual experience created by by Agustin Ramos Anzorena.

Jabberwokk 3D AI

11 Feb

Wild new AI visuals with Jabberwokk poem from the Russian artist Vadim Epstein

R.E.S.T. by Hilary White

1 Feb

R.E.S.T. (Relational Expressions of Spiritual Transcendence) installation and performance incorporates storytelling, dance, music, and installation to initiate a conversation about faith, it’s experience, it’s action, and inclusion within a diverse population.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER – The Beatles (cover) – @alvar0rtega

7 Jan

Nice little spin on a classic

Mr. Bill – Phantasmagoria

11 Dec

KID A MNESIA Exhibition Trailer

21 Nov

Savej – Solstice (Album Mix) {TAS Visuals}

24 Sep

Fairly new Tas mix with some mazing music by Savej

NYLONS (Felix Colgrave animation)

6 Sep
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