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Myron Ort: OMMO (1972)

4 Aug

This was realised by painting directly onto the film and then optically manipulating, in several phases. By Myron Ort.

Brown Material

21 Jul


Bongwater – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

12 Jul

Bug Powder

7 Jul

Overwhelming rant experience.

Video by Jimmy Joe Roche & Yoshi Sodeoka
Sound Design by Dan Deacon
Written by Jimmy Joe Roche

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum

2 Jul

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum is quite psychedelic and seems like a real treat to visit.

If you are unable to get to Tokyo, you can visit the online Psychedelic Video Museum which launched the last Bicycle Day based on the Daily psychedelic Video.

Erodium Thunk (Winston Hacking)

22 Jun

Erodium Thunk from Winston Hacking on Vimeo.

Temazcalli Dome

9 Jun

This fulldome video showcases the Huichol Pattern Generator

Project Lead, Script and Visual Development: Mario Guzmán, Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Custom Software Coding: Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Native Prehispanic Instrumentation: Tzomoni
Sound Design and Editing: Joaquin Gomez
Mixing and Multi-Channel Surround Mix: BlackBox Studio
Overall Artistic Assistance: Paloma Marquez

Niio. Art for a Digital Age.

4 Jun

Psychedelic digital art works.

The Psychedelic Art Center (Paris) installations – Musée psychedelique

28 May

A collection of installations from the Psychedelic Art Center in Paris which looks absolutely amazing and makes me want to visit Paris.

If you are unable to visit Paris any time soon, you can visit the online Psychedelic Video Museum which launched the last Bicycle Day, growing out of the Daily psychedelic Video.


Fusako: The flower of afterimage (trailer, 2017)

26 May

Trailer of a fulldome film by Fusako.

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