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Max Cooper – Everything

27 Jan

Many of us are familiar with Max Cooper’s work at this point. This one came out last year and is one of my personal favorites from him. I mean, just look at this thumbnail!

DEEP DOWN – Maciek Janicki

30 Dec

Top notch animation here

Latent AI B-Sides 1 (AMerkTheTrippyOne)

19 Dec

Over 30 minutes of AI generated alien worlds to zoom through.

Pelle Cass: Crowded Fields

17 Dec

Kaya Project – Zema Lasu

25 Nov

An older one from the great Kaya Project. Definitely check out their music.

Psychedelic Cyclic Sculpture by Lucy Devlin

24 Nov

Perhaps some kind of a four-dimensional being traveling through our plane.

She Lights The Night

10 Nov

Very cool light painting by DARIUSTWIN.

Biblically Accurate Angels – Project Unity

5 Nov

Angels are psychedelic.

The American Hush: Frieze NY 2022

7 Oct

A little art mixed with digital silliness

Sin Cos Tan: Endless (AI-generated music video)

4 Oct

Juho R.A. Lähdesmäki directed this music video for synth pop duo Endless (Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen) by driving Stable Diffusion.

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