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Histiophryne Psychedelica

In France, April fools day is called “Poisson d’avril” meaning April Fish.

Here is a 2009 scientific discovery in Indonesia, h.Psychedelica is a weird fish:

Unlike any other known species of fish, H. psychedelica hops along the reefs where it lives, using its fins to push off the surface while squirting jets of water from a gill opening on each side. Other types of frogfish have been observed jettisoning themselves from the ocean floor before swimming but none have been seen hopping. With its tail curled to one side, it has the appearance of a fish without purpose or control. It seems to bounce randomly from rock to rock, protected from sharp coral by thick, gelatinous folds of skin.

About the size of an adult fist, the fish also has forward-facing eyes, leading to speculation that it may have binocular vision much like humans.


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