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Tangerine Reef – The Audiovisual Album by Animal Collective & Coral Morphologic

31 Dec

Natural History Redux (Coral Morphologic)

24 Dec

Esperanza Spalding – Dancing The Animal

15 Dec

Dance the animal in you with Esperanza Spalding.

Henry Kaiser: Music of the seals

15 Nov

Henry Kaiser tells about the music of the seals

Dobby the dog tripping on cane toads

6 Nov

Dobby has an unquenchable thirst for bufotenin (5-HO-DMT).

Talos – D.O.A.M. Part III (directed by Kevin McGloughlin)

15 Oct

Recurring Dream (Electric Catnip)

20 Aug

Part of an ongoing series of original music/video, for more see:

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