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Relaxing music to relieve stress, underwater wonders 🍀 coral reefs and colorful marine life

18 Mar
You have to love that soothing ocean life. Just Beautiful.

Hang Massive – Warmth of the Sun’s Rays

24 Feb

A little hand pan to chill you out on your next journey

Man or Tree (short film by Varun Raman & Tom Hancock)

12 Sep

In the wilderness, a tree begins to question whether it may actually be a man tripping on hallucinogens.

Tomcoben tripping in nature (TikTok)

30 Jul

Beyond 2000 mics.

Fadeaway 17 – Five Minute Fadeaways (ambient cello)

11 Jul

Take a trippy wander around a single felled tree with cello accompaniment by Nora Barton (Planchette).

Video by Flex Your Love Muscles studios.

Androcell – Root of Pharmacology

8 Apr

Mushroom visualization

Fadeaway 9 – Five Minute Fadeaways (Nora Barton)

4 Apr

Number 9 in an ongoing series of meditative cello videos from Nora Barton, aka Planchette. Video by Flex Your Love Muscles studio.

Full playlist here:

Travis Scott – YOSEMITE

21 Aug

Chinese Man presents : Matteo – Zolfo

23 Jul

LSD/Acid Visual Simulation in a Walk Through Nature

8 Jul
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