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See the Stunning Beauty of Flowers Exposed to Fire, Ice, and Ink | Short Film Showcase

An awesome video by National Geographic.

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Visual Sounds of the Amazon

Australian artist Andy Thomas visualized sounds he recorded with Reynier Omena Junior in the Amazon rainforest.

We featured Andy’s work three years ago:

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Tempest – Robert Seidel

A particularly stunning new work by Robert Seidel with music by nicholas Von Sallwitz.

“Tempest is an environmental video installation commissioned for the 10th anniversary of Digital Graffiti Festival. The work combines abstract video projections and immersive soundscapes with choreographed fog and water fountains. In doing so, the artwork literally repaints the lake, woods and architecture of Alys Beach, Florida.”

Commissioned for the 10th anniversary of Digital Graffiti Festival
Alys Beach, Florida, USA
May 19th – 21st, 2017