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HALO MAUD – Baptism

24 May

Some really unique and synchronized dances


Alex Banks – ‘Chasms’ (dir: Morgan Beringer)

22 Apr

Morgan Beringer’s latest breathtaking masterwork! MB is no stranger around this site, and has been working on personal projects at an amazing pace. He just started a Patreon that is very modest, and worth your support if you can.

Stretta – Calculus

4 Apr

Crazy Shit (Daniel Koren)

1 Apr

“Story of Flowers” Botanical animation

25 Mar


Tchaikovsky Waltz of Flowers – Blooming Time Lapse

6 Mar

Beautiful time lapse full of amazing colors and shapes. Because flowers are SO trippy.

Electric Desert at the AZ Desert Botanical Garden by Klip Collective 2018

23 Feb

Looks like a cool exhibition.

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