Help build the AYAHUASCA Legal Defense Fund

24 Jul

Here on the DPV, we usually post colorful, psychedelic videos which are fun to watch while high. However, sometimes there are important causes of psychedelic activism which draw our attention and demand that we give the little support we can offer in raising awareness.

There is an ongoing global struggle taking place these days concerning the legality of Ayahuasca. Drug Enforcement Agencies around the world are looking the criminalize the spiritual and therapeutic use of this sacred plant which has been used since time immemorial and has been proven immensely beneficial to countless individuals and societies. The attempt to portray Ayahusca as a dangerous drug, and those working with it as criminals, although it has no recreational use, and has an astonishingly safe record in comparison to other widely used legal substances is just another part of the disastrous war on drugs, which has led to dozens of thousands of deaths and millions incarcerated for no good reason but to support a immense and growing system of law enforcement and incarceration, which has proven devastating for communities, and which serves most those who earn their living by prosecuting the “drug” using population – meaning dozens of percents of adult civilians.

The Ayahuasca Legal Defense Fund seeks to provide support in this crucial moment in the history of Ayahuasca and the drug war. It provides legal support, and expert testimonies for those individuals prosecuted for working with ayahuasca, something which could prove crucial for how the struggle for ayahuasca turns out globally. Please consider donating something to this important project.



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