Cronenberg – POD Wants To Know You

25 Jul


On the Neural-Net recognition bandwagon, Cronenberg presents a lysergic fueled technological dystopian vision of implanted recommendation chips. While this nightmare may well become reality in a few short decades (or you can Sign-Up Now…), the deadly-serious satire and nightmarish visuals give pause for thought about the future of technological guidance and hallucination.

“POD (Personal On-demand) is an emotional sensory learning and data-mining organism designed to enhance your life. This state of the art biotech implant will guarantee you personalized recommendations that are 99.999% relevant all the time. POD grows with you to become an intuitive companion, fulfilling your deepest desires on demand.”


One Response to “Cronenberg – POD Wants To Know You”

  1. Holographic Elf July 30, 2015 at 11:00 pm #

    Note that it wasn’t Cronenberg on the neural-net bandwagon 🙂 Here is the original from 2013:

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