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Killer Mike – “Reagan”

20 Mar

A hyper-political R.A.P. Music track by hyper-political rapper, Killer Mike

Im not the type to get too deep about most things, especially politics, but Killer Mike brings a different type of rap via a psychedelic hyper-political music video which really brings light to why things are so difficult for some. To how the American system got so messed. Ironic considering Reagan helped America dig itself out of its economic problem, which ultimately lead to the start of “Reagan era” and its future ramifications.

A wise man once told me “politics will always be politics.”


R.U. Sirius’s Trippin’ Coyotes/Creosote Cowboy: Punching A Nazi

8 Mar

Commentary from R.U. Sirius on the current world situation.

Expo 1967 and 1970 videos

21 Jan

As Donald Drumpf enters the white house and we enter deeper into the historical abyss of late-capitalism it might be worth to remember just how cheerful things seemed some 50 years ago, the 1967 Montreal World Expo and in the Osaka 1970 Expo.

World exhibitions are a genre that has kind of passed on from the world, which is a shame. In the past they were used to offer a vision of the future, and though those futures seem kind of naive today, I kind of miss those people who tried giving us a universalisitc and hopeful vision for the planet and mankind. This might be a time to revive the world Expo (there’s one scheduled to happen in Dubai in 2020).

Watch the last two minutes of the clip from the Osaka 1970 expo and you are in for a treat with all those Japanese dancers waving the flags of all the nations of the earth. Oh the camaraderie!


I Am Rebel: The Love Drug

17 Jan

A TV documentary about Sasha Shulgin’s life’s work. Produced and written by Matt Wolf for National Geographic.

Acro Flashmob

16 Apr

A flash mob of acro-balance artists takes Tel Aviv passerby crowd by surprise, as more and more join the party.

Ch8se – Saving the planet with fashion

12 Mar

Many of us want to change the world, but don’t know where to begin. Even worse, in the capitalistic system in which we live almost every act of consumption is toxic by nature and is being used to fuel the brutal destruction of the planet and its resources, so we are constantly destroying the very foundation for the lives of our families, friends and ourselves. Is there any other way? But then, sometimes you encounter an idea that really manages to challenge how we think about consumerism and supply an alternative. Ch8se is such an idea. Based on the notion that fashion brands spend the vast majority of their money not on employees, materials or social and environmental justice but on expensive and often inane advertising campaigns, (the money spend on one single page ad in a top fashion magazine could plant 1.5 million trees or feed 2,000 kids for a year!!!) it asks – what if we took all that money that we as consumers indirectly give for such wasteful commercial campaigns and gave it to a brand which is based on social and ecological values – so that our spending money is no longer directed to toxic consumerism destroying the planet but to making it healthier by planting trees, funding education to third world children etc – all while getting first grade fashion items which not only looks great but also feels good to wear. The Ch8se campaign which is currently featured on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo is just one of those initiatives that really spark your imagination. Check out their video, and consider supporting the cause in any way possible.


Help build the AYAHUASCA Legal Defense Fund

24 Jul

Here on the DPV, we usually post colorful, psychedelic videos which are fun to watch while high. However, sometimes there are important causes of psychedelic activism which draw our attention and demand that we give the little support we can offer in raising awareness.

There is an ongoing global struggle taking place these days concerning the legality of Ayahuasca. Drug Enforcement Agencies around the world are looking the criminalize the spiritual and therapeutic use of this sacred plant which has been used since time immemorial and has been proven immensely beneficial to countless individuals and societies. The attempt to portray Ayahusca as a dangerous drug, and those working with it as criminals, although it has no recreational use, and has an astonishingly safe record in comparison to other widely used legal substances is just another part of the disastrous war on drugs, which has led to dozens of thousands of deaths and millions incarcerated for no good reason but to support a immense and growing system of law enforcement and incarceration, which has proven devastating for communities, and which serves most those who earn their living by prosecuting the “drug” using population – meaning dozens of percents of adult civilians.

The Ayahuasca Legal Defense Fund seeks to provide support in this crucial moment in the history of Ayahuasca and the drug war. It provides legal support, and expert testimonies for those individuals prosecuted for working with ayahuasca, something which could prove crucial for how the struggle for ayahuasca turns out globally. Please consider donating something to this important project.


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