Psychedelic flamenco

21 Aug

There is nothing like watching a flamenco show while high. The intensity of music, the dancers, and the colorful lights in the caves are just mesmerizing.

Good flamenco is hard to get by if you are a tourist visiting in Spain. Flamenco is more of a people’s thing. People play and sing it spontaneously in the house and in the street. Flamenco in a club is a relatively unnatural concept.

Yet, fortunately, there is some amazing Flaemenco on you YouTube. This first video by the legendary Flamenco singer and dancer Carmen Amaya is just crazy with the energies, especially the last bit.

The video below displays some known flamenco artists in a home setting. I love the intensity of the setting, and the different relationships between the singers which reminds me in a way of the energies in some psychedelic ceremonies where people make music.


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