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Okuda “Kaos Temple”

27 Aug

Spanish graffiti artist Okuda turns an old church into a colorful “Kaos Temple” in this stunning Red Bull commercial.

“Apocalipsi” by Jansky

30 Aug

subdued use of psychedelic visual tropes to great effect

Psychedelic flamenco

21 Aug

There is nothing like watching a flamenco show while high. The intensity of music, the dancers, and the colorful lights in the caves are just mesmerizing.

Good flamenco is hard to get by if you are a tourist visiting in Spain. Flamenco is more of a people’s thing. People play and sing it spontaneously in the house and in the street. Flamenco in a club is a relatively unnatural concept.

Yet, fortunately, there is some amazing Flaemenco on you YouTube. This first video by the legendary Flamenco singer and dancer Carmen Amaya is just crazy with the energies, especially the last bit.

The video below displays some known flamenco artists in a home setting. I love the intensity of the setting, and the different relationships between the singers which reminds me in a way of the energies in some psychedelic ceremonies where people make music.

“Crystal” by Delorean

19 Jul

The video was directed, produced and animated by Joan Guasch. And by the way… it’s super trippy! Enjoy!

Cerco De Chapa Con Hojas Secas (2010)

4 Jul


A fine Data-Mosh-Trip, ‘Metal Fence with Dry Leaves’ from Spanish video artist Mateo Amaral. Translates: “Jungle wind, ocean waves extending as much as they can reach the inner senses and much more too. A network is stirred by sounds of leaves, the network separates things. DMT circulating in the brain.”


Los Jóvenes

29 Nov

As this is my first entry in this column, I feel I should explain that MTV was a bitter disappointment to me when I was growing up. As I understood it, it was supposed to be a channel that connected teenagers with what was cool. I also had the wild idea that music videos were supposed to be a bit of a priority to them. Clearly, this is not the case.

Then, a couple years ago, I saw a few music videos that made me realize that some really interesting stuff is going on within this medium. And it pissed me off that the only way for me to find it was to plunge online video archives and click links to related video after related video on Youtube in hopes of making another wondrous find.

Well, I’ve been at it for a while, and MTV, you need to get with it. This stuff is cool, and it’s worthy of our teenagers.

My first selection is a celebration of youth. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this video, as it seems to me to be about the new experiences and crazy little things that teens get up to in their idle moments. To me, it’s a celebration of physical sensations.

And if you’ll permit me to stick with Spanish musicians and this style of filming, allow me to next direct your attention to Bombay by El Guincho. An intro in the style of Carl Sagan, some gorgeous half-nude women, 70’s graininess, visuals that last for an instant but I guarantee will stick with you… What’s not to love? Directed by Canada, who have done quite a few projects that I consider masterpieces, the video for Ice Cream by Battles being among them and already in our archives.

Last one for today, I’ll just let it speak for itself. If you like the music artist though, check out the video for Colombo as well.


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