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Ringo Deathstarr – “Rip”

10 Jul



3 Apr

The art-form sensation known as “Simpson Vapourwave”

A combination of various The Simpsons clips with a mix of vapourwave visuals, sounds and songs. This video being one of my favorites of them.

Off the Air: Work (S06E03)

25 Jan

Aired in 2016.

List of videos in this episode:

Ill Capo by Yuri Ancarani
Magic Cube and Ping-Ping by Lei Lei
Psychometrics by Alan Warburton, conference call audio by Zach Scott
Gummie Chernobyl by Ian M. Miller
Desktop Deltaware by Mark Fingerhutt
Hands: They’re Here to Stay by Tyler Russo
Banjo Gyro! by Grady Sain
“True Vulture” music video by Galen Pehrson, produced by Sara Cline
Monster V by Steven Lapcevic
Pizzocalypse by Kokofreakbean
“Never Get Ahead” Chic-a-Go-Go footage provided by Jake Austen

Off the Air: Clowns (S06E02)

18 Jan

Aired in 2016.

List of videos in this episode:

“Delmax Siefbecq” music video by Clowncore
Title sequence by Bent Image Lab
Night Clowns, cinematography by Jonathan Rej
Clown Rave 2016 by Kytten Janae
Unabomber Speckles drawing provided by R. Land
Clown Center by Dylan Jones
Wigz by Robby Rackleff
Wrinkles Steals Kids Balloons excerpts by Cary Longhamps of Anomalous Films
Clown Drone by Renee Lusano

Totally Tulip-Trixy Sweetvittles and friends

8 Jan

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I thought I’d post one of my films. This one is a favorite of mine. It was created in collaboration with my dear friends twins Lecie and Katie Williams and their kids. Their hubbies, Rob Waller and Paul Galiunas make some sweet special appearances as does lovely Andrea Thome. I hope you enjoy the psychedelic silliness!

CYPRUS // Eznekier – shot in abandoned gunpowder factory

25 Nov

// In Cyprus these days to participate @ Order and Disorder in Chaos //

Through the ancient ruins of an gunpowder factory, giant rock wheels, rusty bolts, labyrinthic impasses and water dance to the rhythm of Eznekier’s beats.

CYPRUS is a synthesiser-driven score that combines sub-genres from 1980’s retro-futuristic soundtracks and ambient-leaning 2010s post-rock. Inspired by its post-apocalyptic vibe, the video provides an acid mix of natural and post-industrial elements, with no humans or living creatures at sight and made almost entirely out of landscape stills.

Psychedelic flamenco

21 Aug

There is nothing like watching a flamenco show while high. The intensity of music, the dancers, and the colorful lights in the caves are just mesmerizing.

Good flamenco is hard to get by if you are a tourist visiting in Spain. Flamenco is more of a people’s thing. People play and sing it spontaneously in the house and in the street. Flamenco in a club is a relatively unnatural concept.

Yet, fortunately, there is some amazing Flaemenco on you YouTube. This first video by the legendary Flamenco singer and dancer Carmen Amaya is just crazy with the energies, especially the last bit.

The video below displays some known flamenco artists in a home setting. I love the intensity of the setting, and the different relationships between the singers which reminds me in a way of the energies in some psychedelic ceremonies where people make music.

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