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Guided By Voices – Never Mind the List (vid by Aaron Dunkel)

28 Feb

Yet another album from the legendary GBV…

Architecture In Helsinki

4 Feb

I only saw these guys featured on here one other time. Take a look at some of their older videos. I might describe it as folk psy

100 gecs – mememe

28 Jan

Wild and silly one from 100 Gecs

“A Child’s Dream” by David Ehrlich

24 Jan

A Childs Dream by David Ehrlich from VIDEOSyncracies on Vimeo.

MY 200th POST here! The hits just keep coming. Thanks Ido & all the DPV family ❤ !

The Sandpit

31 Dec

Mind-blowing miniatures! Chill song too

כולם מאוהבים בי

25 Dec

d’Eon – Rhododendron pt. I – a Stiner Brothers motion picture

20 Dec

Bullion – Blue Pedro (official vid)

2 Jul

i’m a princess

19 Jun

Space and the City

12 Jun
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