Sean Capone: Synchromatics

5 Sep

Sean says:

Excerpts from a series of commissioned video works created using generative 2D/3D animation. A combination of algorithmic forms and textures, pre-rendered 3D elements and hand-drawn marks are composed, manipulated and looped, resulting in continuously evolving ‘motion paintings’ that reflect both process-oriented and gestural approaches to digital image making.

This group of work reinterprets early 20th-century abstract painting, a period when artists turned away from pictorial representation in favor of more open explorations of form, color, sound, geometric rhythm, spiritualism, and synesthesia. The title is borrowed from the painting style “synchromism”, which depicted music as a visual score of radiant shapes and symphonic color harmonies. These animations thus circle back into this history of “visual music”, as later developed in experimental cinema, video, and now, digital motion graphics. Although these movies are silent, the viewer can easily imagine the musicality suggested by the rhythm, dynamics, and textures of the visual composition.

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