Best psychedelic videos of 2019

31 Dec

Another year of psychedelic videos comes to an end, closing a decade of impressive creativity and beauty created by psychedelic filmmakers around the globe. Here’s our selection of the best psychedelic videos of 2019.

We recommend watching these videos on big, high-res screens, with good speakers, in a high volume, and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind. Enjoy!

Macro Block – 360 Slow Motion

Impeccable beauty by Macro Room.

Björk – Tabula Rasa

In 2019 Björk stunned us once again with this mesmerizing video by Tobbias Gremmler.

(Original Post).

Kisnou – In the Origin we Breathe

London animator Moran Beringer released a number of jaw-dropping psychedelic videos this year. Take a look at this one, which takes you on a passionate voyage through impressionist terrains soundscapes by Kisnou. (Original Post).

Zen Footjuggling 2019 – Pipsa Ilpala

This beautiful foot-juggling video, set in nature and showing a high level of concentration and ability retained in a world growing increasingly distracted and frenzied, might make your somewhat more hopeful about it all. (Original Post).

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons

Awesome magick infused video featuring an array of occult symbols and one ominous Aleister Crowley. Directed by Rich Ragsdale.(Original Post).

Jake Fried – Brain Wave

Jake Fried is responsible for some of the most impressive handdrawn animations made in the 2010s. His unique style features layers upon layers of subconscious materials getting written and rewritten. In 2019 he stunned us once again with this video titled Brain Wave.

(Original Post).

Jonathan Pillows – Julian Glander

Two exquisitely bizarre animations by New York animator Julian Glander, produced for Adult Swim.

(Original Post).

Got to Keep it On – Chemical Brothers

Some groovy psychedelic rhythms in this music clip by the Chemical Brothers. (Original Post).

Zer0 1ne: 2x Astral Move

Israeli Hip Hop artist rejoice (Yuval Havkin, Buttering Trio) bands with animator and surrealist virtuoso Jengo (Guy Glikstein) in a particularly smokey and fluid session of beats and visual delirium. (Original Post).

Eleventh Century – Marco Puccini

A dreamy world of perfectly shaped ovals gliding on the clouds of yesteryear make for the perfect psychedelic trip. (Original Post).

Oto No Kuni – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

J-pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in a wonderfully disorienting kaleidoscopic and highly kawaii video.

(Original Post).


Brilliant music clip by an Israeli supergroup of musicians and actors (Yermi Kaplan, Gabi Amrani, Meter Seventy, Ido Katzir and Yaheli Sharon) pokes fun at the Vipassana meditation movement.

(Original Post).

Leigh Woods – Loor

An incredible iridescent underwater journey with phosphorescent fish, frogs and mushrooms. Directed by Theo W. Scott, featuring animations Paul Trickett and Nick Waterton, all processed by Tipper visuals superstar Datagrama.

Campfire Crush – Pick Your Parade

And finally, one of our very own. Please enjoy these deliciously hypnotic Mandelbrot fractals in a video released earlier this year by DPV blogger Matthew Shelton.

(Original Post)

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