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Are We Here (Are We In Color?) by Natalie Palumbo

21 Jan

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative.

DESCONEXIÓN by Jorge Bandera

31 Dec

Winner project: creation of video art for fulldome
Idartes – District Institute of the Arts (Bogotá, Colombia)

El Árbol de una Idea (The tree of an idea) by Alonso Vasquez

17 Dec

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative (Florida).

Latent Space by MONOCOLOR

3 Dec

Audiovisual Fulldome Performance by MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) at SAT Montréal (Société des arts technologiques).

Lumophore II by Paul Prudence

12 Nov

Full-dome ‘colour-sound’ work for Elektra Festival & Société des arts technologiques [SAT], Montreal, 2015

Photos of the piece at the event.

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