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Pluroma (2015)

25 May

Very unique fractal painting animation by Dustyn Lucas. Designed for fulldome screenings.

TAS Visuals: Immersive Visuals, Deep dive extended, Floating (2016)

22 Dec

A bunch of short animations from Austrian designer and artist TAS Visuals aka The Adventurous Spark.

Shield, live – Biosphere & Initi at the Planetarium (2015)

27 Oct

Norwegian ambient legend Biosphere performed at Prague’s Planetarium with full dome projections by INITI.

Multiverse by Sean Caruso

13 Oct

Very nice audiovisual fulldome experience with architectural visions and more. Sean is a member of a Canadian collective called NEST Immersion.

Tiger’s Eye Mandala by Chris Saunders

1 Sep

Just some nice tiger visions.

Temazcalli Dome

9 Jun

This fulldome video showcases the Huichol Pattern Generator

Project Lead, Script and Visual Development: Mario Guzmán, Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Custom Software Coding: Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Native Prehispanic Instrumentation: Tzomoni
Sound Design and Editing: Joaquin Gomez
Mixing and Multi-Channel Surround Mix: BlackBox Studio
Overall Artistic Assistance: Paloma Marquez

Fusako: The flower of afterimage (trailer, 2017)

26 May

Trailer of a fulldome film by Fusako.

Dimensions (trailer)

28 Apr

Winner of Directors awars at Jena Fulldome Festival 2018.
Creators: Rocco Helmchen (Visuals, Photography, Editing), Johannes Kraas (Music, Sounddesign, Editing), Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister (scientific supervision, script editing), Klaus-Dieter Unger (star projection programming for hybrid version)

Meatwad full dome experience 2016

14 Apr

Evolution of the Meatwad experienced commissioned by Adult Swim.

Meatwad full dome experience 2014

31 Mar

Displayed at Comicon 2014 and 2015.

Creative Director, Editor:
Dave Hughes

Golden Wolf

Sound Design:
Brent Busby

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