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Tiger’s Eye Mandala by Chris Saunders

1 Sep

Just some nice tiger visions.

Temazcalli Dome

9 Jun

This fulldome video showcases the Huichol Pattern Generator

Project Lead, Script and Visual Development: Mario Guzmán, Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Custom Software Coding: Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Native Prehispanic Instrumentation: Tzomoni
Sound Design and Editing: Joaquin Gomez
Mixing and Multi-Channel Surround Mix: BlackBox Studio
Overall Artistic Assistance: Paloma Marquez

Fusako: The flower of afterimage (trailer, 2017)

26 May

Trailer of a fulldome film by Fusako.

Dimensions (trailer)

28 Apr

Winner of Directors awars at Jena Fulldome Festival 2018.
Creators: Rocco Helmchen (Visuals, Photography, Editing), Johannes Kraas (Music, Sounddesign, Editing), Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister (scientific supervision, script editing), Klaus-Dieter Unger (star projection programming for hybrid version)

Meatwad full dome experience 2016

14 Apr

Evolution of the Meatwad experienced commissioned by Adult Swim.

Meatwad full dome experience 2014

31 Mar

Displayed at Comicon 2014 and 2015.

Creative Director, Editor:
Dave Hughes

Golden Wolf

Sound Design:
Brent Busby

Sacred Geometry by Darklight Studio and Tklab (Telenoika)

17 Mar

Created by VJ Eletroiman, Omar Prole, Homem Gaiola and submitted to Immersphere Fulldome Festival 2017 in Brazil.

Indra’s Net by Iikkamatti Hauru

3 Mar

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative.

Whisper by Ro Maiti

18 Feb

A whisper of the wind carries with it the unsolvable mystery of spirit that exists in the natural world. As forest nymphs swarm the screen, we follow my main character in this piece and we learn of the restricting obligations in our urban world that cause us to- time and again, fall back to obsessive traits like logic and rationale, which are diseased with ego. We are left as beings who are unable to comprehend or value the beauty and enigmas that nature provides to us.

The Imaginary by Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones

4 Feb

The beauty of the analog signal, and its inherent wildness and unpredictability, is the inspiration for “The Imaginary”. Formed from repurposed analog video and audio signal processing, and channeled through After Effects using Trapcode, “The Imaginary” creates an immersive structure that contains the spontaneous stream of imaginary thought.

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