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Jhené Aiko – Tryna Smoke (Official Video)

22 Apr

Very much a weed song (as the title would suggest) but with a video featuring a decent share of psychedelic kaleidscope visuals.

LCD Soundsystem – oh baby (Official Video)

23 Mar

This is such a special video for me, because it embodies both intelligence and strong love. It’s also pretty much mind-blowing in that weather it is actually possible or not, the way it’s portrayed in the video is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Jonathan Zak for introducing me to this wonderful piece of content, and thank you my love for this reminding me of you.

“Ah Ouin”-music video for the band Chocolate directed by Jonathan Robert [mature content]

14 Oct

Very cool 70’s Peter Max style psychedelic fantasy video from Jonathan Robert. It makes me think of old schoolhouse rock and Sesame Street animations. But watch out, it gets a little bit sexy in there.

“The Spaceman”- music video for The Cosmic Dead featuring footage taken from Japanese shorts Super Giant #5 & #6. Edited together by Julian Dicken

30 Sep

“No Love Like Yours”- music video for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros directed by Olivia Wilde

23 Sep

Forever Pavot- “Green Nap” by Nicolas Fong

14 Mar

I love the the groovy drawn smoke swirls in this animated music video by Nicolas Fong for the Parisian band Green Nap.

You can find more Nicolas Fong’s work including a bunch of psychedelic GIFS on his http://those-visions-have-no-end.tumblr.com/ site.

Débruit & Alsarah – Jibal Alnuba

20 Dec

The new video from Débruit & Alsarah. Taken from their album ‘aljawal الجوال’ out on Soundway Records.

More info: http://ow.ly/qvrH4
Soundway store: http://ow.ly/qvpXd
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/4ajej0

5. Jibal Alnuba ٥. جبال النوبة
(the Nuba Mountains) (traditional medley of two songs from the ‘girls songs’ tradition of music in Central Sudan.

Oh my heart, my loved one has traveled and left me.
I sent a letter to my loved one, the one i adore.
The precious youth of our lands,
Got on a truck and said, i’m going to the Nuba Mountains.

The fire, oh my god,
The reason for this fire, my dear god,
my father told me not to sell salt.
He told me not to sell salt,
but i sell salt because of that beautiful sweet one.
The fire, oh my god
the reason for this fire, my dear god
My father told me not to sell chili and spices.
He told me not to sell chili and spices
but i sell chili and spices because of that beautiful precious catch.

Directed by The Rainbowmonkey. http://www.rainbowmonkey.de/

Facebook: http://ow.ly/qvq4k
Twitter: https://twitter.com/debruit
Website: http://www.debruit.com/

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Another Leather Lung

6 Dec


Official video for The Sound of Animals Fighting’s “Another Leather Lung” from the album, The Ocean and The Sun.

This video was created and animated by Eric Stodolnik using acclaimed Russian painter Vasily Kafanov’s large body of work to bring The song to life. Enjoy.

Regal Safari – Light

2 Mar

The chrysanthemum mandala feels somewhat familiar.

Star Slinger – Mornin’

24 Feb

This video for Star Slinger’s song Mornin’ has a warm 70’s-psychedelia look and sound to it. I wish every morning looked like this.

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