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Meredith Monk – Excerpt from 16 Millimeter Errings

26 Apr

The Electric Prunes – Hideaway

30 Aug

60’s Garage Psych from San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA

“Celebration at Big Sur”- Baird Bryant and Johanna Demetrakas

28 Mar

“Celebration at Big Sur” is a 1969 film documenting the Folk Festival at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. You can find the entire film in bits on youtube and it’s available as a DVD. In this 9 minute clip, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young perform “Down by the River”. The performance starts at about 49 seconds into the clip, but there is a lot of good vintage hippy stuff before and after the music.

After spending last week travelling the California coast, I’m in total Pacific Ocean bliss. I love seeing all the aerial shots of the coastline in this film almost as much as I love David Crosby’s fringe jacket and Stephen Stills’ geometric poncho. The Esalen Institute is still around. You can sign up for self actualization workshops and retreats through their website.


I took these photos last year at a campground in Big Sur. You can see the bridge in the first photo in the aerial shots. What I didn’t get a photo of, was the terribly cute sea otter that would swim around the cove with a seagull perched upon his little belly.

IMG_2294 IMG_2360 IMG_2374

Fuzzy’s Dream

31 Aug

Classic psychedelic animation set to music by Belgian group Fuzzy Phases.

Pink Floyd – Arnold Layne

12 Dec

I never get tired of Pink Floyd! This classic song’s clip has a genuinely¬†whimsical feel to it. And it must be quite inspiring while high…

Robert Breer – Blazes

24 Oct

This¬†experimental¬†animation form 1961 seems to be made of imagery coming from the subconscious… It’s abstractness (of the visuals and sounds) makes it hypnotic, in it’s own “epileptic-ish” way.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Illuminomi

13 Oct

A bewitched music video to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Illuminomi” made with bits out of legendary director Kenneth Anger’s classic 1964 “Scorpio’s Rising”.

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