My Bloody Valentine – Swallow

4 Jul

I, your friendly DPV Monday-poster for the past 2 years, owned a VHS tape of Creation Records bands waaayyyyy back in the 90s and it included this video. It is very cool to find myself sharing this video, this many years later, with people who may not know a THING about this band. That’s all. Happy Shoegaze Day from Flex Your Love Muscles and the DPV.

Lima’s Universal Forms

2 Jul

Over the past semester I’ve had the privilege of teaching an interdisciplinary course on psychedelics at Bar Ilan university. The penultimate lesson of our course was dedicated to the subject of psychedelic creativity and art. Students were called upon to present their own psychedelic artworks in class, and these ranged from psychedelic computer games and music pieces, to art installations and rituals and psychedelic desserts! One of the students presented a spectacularly hypnotic psychedelic video she created with her partner, based on a mandala she created and accompanied by music from her partner, the electronic artist HAKIMONOU. Here it is:

Healing Is Available’ from “HAKIMONU – The Warp Speed Of Imaginary Time – Universal Friendliness”

The Smile – The Same

2 Jul

Prefuse 73 – Still Pretending

1 Jul

Artist: Prefuse 73 Track: Still Pretending Album: Forsyth Gardens Director: Lilfuchs

Turning Faces

29 Jun

Nick Hakim: Roller Skates

28 Jun

Music video by legendary Micah Buzan.

The Statue Experiment (Hiroshi Takagishi)

27 Jun

Detox Unit – INTERIOR CROCODILE (trip)

24 Jun

Not an official video but still a wild trip!

Tripteas on DMT

22 Jun

VIA (Maria Constanza Ferreira)

20 Jun
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