Dengue Dengue Dengue: Remolinera Real

21 Nov

Rainforest visions in a very cool animation style.


The Babe Rainbow – “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”

20 Nov


“Propaganda” by Petra Glynt

19 Nov

Visual Artist Petra Glynt used the website SELFIE APOCALYPSE for this video for her song Propaganda. If you are not afraid of being afraid of your selfie, you can check out the trippy tool with the link above.

DEKEL – Midburn 2017‎‏

18 Nov

VIdeo from Midburn (Israeli Burning Man) 2017.

“Linear Dreams”- Richard Reeves (1997)

17 Nov

One of my favorite animated films. Beautiful sound and imagery by Canadian Richard Reeves. The film is cameraless, with the images created by drawing painting and scratching directly onto 70mm film stock and the audio originating from drawn patterns.

The Xx – Experiments Reel

16 Nov

By: davy evans

DeWolff: Love Dimension

15 Nov

Interdimensional travel and weird entity encounters.

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