Ho Tsz Wing: Catgot (2019)

2 Mar

Music: Catgot by ISAN.

Monster Mike – That (video by New Trash Crew)

1 Mar

Alan Vega – Wipeout Beat

28 Feb


27 Feb

Synesthetic operation between Indian classical music grammar and cinematic space-time. Super 8 film by Claudio Caldini. 1981 remake of 1976 original.
Music: Raga Sindhi Bhairavi: Sergio Bulgakov, sitar / Ricardo Hambra, Tabla / Claudio Caldini, tambura. Recorded live at the Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1986.

Elohim – Hallucinating, I’m Lost, Connect

26 Feb

I was surprised to see we have not yet featured Elohim on this page! Here’s a few of her trippier ones:

Chromatics – Time Rider

25 Feb

Webdriver Torso

24 Feb

Tales from the Trip S01E25: Making Some Big Mistakes Smoking DMT for the First Time

23 Feb

DJ Carnage broke through to the other side.

Deakin – Just Am (dir: Lawrence Simonitsch)

22 Feb

Mogwai – Ritchie Sacramento

21 Feb
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