Tales from the Trip S01E64: Tripping on Shrooms Almost Made Cherdleys’ Friend Chop His Own Genitals Off

16 Aug

Features a surprising way to distract someone from self-harming.

Stella Research Committee – Hanging In My Screamer (video by Jordin Goff)

15 Aug

Noise feast for your brain organ

The Smile – Speech Bubbles

13 Aug

Amnesia Scanner – AS Going (feat. LYZZA)

12 Aug

These guys are absolutely wild! Some of their music gets pretty dark.

Post Malone: Wrapped Around Your Finger

11 Aug

Directed by Adult Swim’s own Jacob Escobedo.

The Abyss

10 Aug

Flux Pavilion: Pull The Trigger feat. Cammie Robinson

9 Aug

Directed by Popsicle Illusion.

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Go On (Video by James Siewert)

8 Aug

Yet another mind-blowing music vid from Panda Bear

The Oscillation – Forever Knowing

7 Aug

The Smile – The Same

6 Aug
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