Jasiah – Jump (dir. by: Hivemind)

13 Jul

Bongwater – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

12 Jul

שקל – נדב_15

11 Jul

Quentin and his Birdbox Orchestra featuring his 18th Century hand teacher

9 Jul

Bizarre and beautiful.

Had to be done

8 Jul

Want to have the 1st Israeli psychonaut dance for you too? You can try yourself here: bit.ly/fomm-fufu, or come to my Avatars in Zoom tutorial on Sunday 12/7 @ adaf.gr and learn how to easily create realistic deep-fakes yourself, and how you can be anybody you want in Zoomspace.

Bug Powder

7 Jul

Overwhelming rant experience.

Video by Jimmy Joe Roche & Yoshi Sodeoka
Sound Design by Dan Deacon
Written by Jimmy Joe Roche

Touch 9 by Caustics (vid by Sandy Ewen)

6 Jul

More info: https://bigtakeover.com/news/VideoPremiereTouch9byCaustics

Hylics 2

5 Jul

Pink Sweat$ – Cadillac Drive (feat. Price) [Official Music Video]

4 Jul

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum

2 Jul

Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum is quite psychedelic and seems like a real treat to visit.

If you are unable to get to Tokyo, you can visit the online Psychedelic Video Museum which launched the last Bicycle Day based on the Daily psychedelic Video.

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