Old Time Relijun “Dragon Juice”

5 Jun

Video produced by Andrew Ebright, including animation created by Arrington de Dionyso and China Faith Star

Loop – Halo

4 Jun

flipturn – Space Cowboy

2 Jun

Draumr: Hydrangeas

1 Jun

Music video directed and animated by Kathleen Ponsard, Ivan Herrera & Thibaud D’Elloy aka Collectif Chroniques Cosmiques.

Primarily Speaking

31 May
by Gary Hill (1981-1983)

Autorski Teledysk Animowany

30 May

Hand drawn animation by Moniki Duczymińskiej.

Ooga and Zpacetree at Chop Shop Chicago IL

29 May

bdrmm – Be Careful

28 May

Ackland: Rain

25 May

Music video directed by Ana Pérez López.


24 May
by Gary Hill (1980-1981)
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