Thunder Tillman – Condor Sunflower (Official Music Video)

16 Jan

Edamame – Tree Shadows (Official Music Video)

15 Jan

A surreal combination of chill glitch 3D art and nature shots set to the beautiful sounds of Edamame

VANA-3 stories with Psychedelic Animations

14 Jan

1800 impeccable slides made with Autodesk Sketchbook.


13 Jan

Tales from the Trip S01E22: Duncan Trussell Took So Much Ketamine That Time Stopped

12 Jan

Just your average Burning Man trip story.

Jeff Whalen – The Alien Lanes

11 Jan

Directed by Thaddeus Bridwell and Dan Cleary (Real Candy Films)


9 Jan

Crumb – So Tired [Unofficial Video]

8 Jan

Low res video but fits the vibe nicely for a really chill Crumb song!

Life in Syntropy

7 Jan

Agroforestry is psychedelic. Life is syntropy brings home the message. Beautiful film. Save the planet.

Dey took hiz jerb

6 Jan

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