“When You Die” by MGMT

17 Dec


OK Go – Obsession – Official Video

16 Dec

OK Go’s new video Obsession provides the psychedelic goods, as always.

Jim Carrey’s Bizarre interview

15 Dec

Those of you who have watched the recent Netflix documentary about Jim Carrey’s “Jim and Andy” know that the guy is an existentialist genius with many unconventional views and ideas about life, and the audacity to express them in public. Here is Carrey’s bizarre interview in the New York fashion week from earlier this year, with some original insights about the meaninglessness of it all. I love this guy.

DTRH 2018 Trailer – ‘No Names’ Version

14 Dec

By: Agent Pekka

Glintshake: Wrong Anthem

13 Dec

Directed and animated by Alexander Kostenko.

Wild Wild Waves: Silence

12 Dec

Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

Sonic Jesus – “Lost Reprise”

11 Dec

*Epilepsy Warning*

A beautifully stunning and mind-bending psychedelic visual music video from the Italian band, Sonic Jesus. Its long at parts but the quality of the visuals are so captivating you just continue on to see what will happen next.


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