Off The Air: Body (S01E05)

24 Aug

Aired in 2012.

List of videos in this episode:

cords (hear us and have mercy) by Sara Lundberg, a cappella performance by Linda Ohlin, Carina Aronsson, Gustav Nordlander, and Carl Slettengren
Visible Human Project provided by the United States National Library of Medicine
“All Ways” music video by Color Chart
Take This Pill by David Firth
going to the store by David Lewandowski
Hot Dog Hustle by Thomas Hunter
SyncBody by Daihei Shibata, art by Hiroshi Sato
Sossidge Arms animated shorts by Chriddof
GoPro on a Hula Hoop by Nick Saik
Amalgamide Tide by Taras Hrabowsky
Stinks by Glogman Johns
15 Denier by Harry Handyside

Rone – Sing Song

23 Aug

Plenty of flying astral wyrms and snails.

Your Gay Thoughts – To Disappear

22 Aug

Animation by densuke28.

“Paranoid” by Black Sabbath

21 Aug

Another stone cold classic!

Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination (Remix)

20 Aug


Vanilla Fudge- You Keep Me Hanging On

20 Aug

Off The Air: Space (S01E04)

17 Aug

Aired in 2011.

List of videos in this episode:
Freedom 7 footage supplied by NASA and the Internet Archive
Porculpa by Lyn Hagan
Title sequence by Adam Fuchs
Toy Robot in Space! by James Trosh
Giant Leap by Kyle Botha
Zeroing by Andrey Nepomnyaschev
Space Ghost character by Alex Toth feat. the voice of George Lowe
HELL/????? by David OReilly
In Saturn’s Rings excerpt by Stephen Van Vuuren
Noisebox in Space by 12foot6
“A Glorious Dawn” music video by John Boswell
“Quantum Leap” music video by Thomas de Rijk
Apollo 11 launch footage supplied by NASA, telecine supplied by Spacecraft Films


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