Tik Tok’s Farmboyslim

29 Jan

Tik Tok’s Farmboyslim gives tripping advice to a new generation of mushroom-heads

Art Forever Be Here

26 Jan

Make your own: wbtz.github.io

Tales from the Trip S01E50: Buying Acid from a Pirate Ship (ft. Moses Storm)

25 Jan

Just a quiet night home and family dinner on acid.

“A Child’s Dream” by David Ehrlich

24 Jan

A Childs Dream by David Ehrlich from VIDEOSyncracies on Vimeo.

MY 200th POST here! The hits just keep coming. Thanks Ido & all the DPV family ❤ !

Karate, Guns & Tanning – White Nights

23 Jan

Video and Animation by Andrew Knives.

ÌXTAHUELE feat. KADHJA BONET – MANNA (Official Music Video)

22 Jan

Eden Ahbez’s “Dharmaland,” arranged and performed by Ìxtahuele, is the first-ever recording of this long-lost masterwork by the original hippie composer of “Nature Boy.”

Suuns – Make It Real

21 Jan

Beyond My Dreams Dying

19 Jan

Bone Nest: Relight My Heart feat. Maria Victoria

18 Jan

Music video for Bone Nest.

Yello – Out of Sight (dir: Dirk Koy)

17 Jan
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