Sparkle Mountain

23 Sep

some making of:

Tales from the Trip S01E14: Sara Weinshenk’s Boob Came Out While on Acid

22 Sep

Free your mind and your boob will follow!


20Twenty – DMT (kashOptix visuals)

21 Sep

Visuals by the great and underrated kashOptix

Winston Hacking – Freetoe Lag

20 Sep

Mr Traumatik – Question Everything

19 Sep

Noj Dot Forest

18 Sep

Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Season Brand Video

17 Sep

A Ravel inspired 40th anniversary video for Hong Kong Ballet’s

神山羊 – シュガーハイウェイ

16 Sep

Underwater Owl by Chris Saunders

15 Sep

This owl is a bit outside its natural element.

Aphex Twin – Warehouse Project, Manchester (visuals by Weirdcore)

14 Sep

Long form video with mad visuals from Weirdcore.

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