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The Summoning of the Skylark & Harmony 3- Cool 3d World (Brian Tessler and Jon Baken)

27 May

I LOVE weird, glitchy wrong CG character animation. It’s an antidote to the plethora of boring, ugly ditsy CG characters that rudely infiltrate our media streams. The mysterious Cool 3d World, Brian Tessler and Jon Baken, are making me very happy right now. Their Website, Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube channels are brimming with beautiful trippy weirdness. The website hosts a bunch of hilarious looping Vine shorts featuring hybrid animal-machine-human-alien characters stretching and growing into melty deformations. The artists are really good at creating a world you care about while using strange mechanisms like a mechanical snake-man slithering across the frame attached to an alien’s umbilical cord or a cute puppy-boy jumping into a woman’s arms and distorting her head with its elongated tongue. Here are a couple of short videos. Cool 3d World does all music and animation.




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