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MGMT – Time to Pretend

7 May

This one has the whole trip: it begins with a group tribal hunter-gatherers dancing around a fire, shooting giraffes, beating on tribal drums and riding shamanistic power animals in the astral, the psychedelic realm. Andrew VanWyngarden shooting down his inner monsters with glowing fire arrows. Things get even more psychedelic when MGMT group members kneel down to receive a pill on the tongue in what appears to be a highly psychoactive sacrament. Then comes a homage to a scene from Alexander Jodrowsky’s avant-garde esoteric film the holy mountain, where the heroes throw stacks of money into an enflamed hole in the centre of a round table. Then Maya temples and the vision begins a new. Post-modern computer generated psychedelic aesthetics with primitivist, esoteric, and mythical themes – what more could you ask for!

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