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Alan Vega – Wipeout Beat

28 Feb

Elohim – Hallucinating, I’m Lost, Connect

26 Feb

I was surprised to see we have not yet featured Elohim on this page! Here’s a few of her trippier ones:

Mogwai – Ritchie Sacramento

21 Feb

Jesper Ryom: Nights

16 Feb

Shroomy stylings directed and animated by Mathijs Luijten.

Fever The Ghost – 1518

14 Feb

Feadz – Metaman (Official Video)

12 Feb

I just stumbled across this cool one from 2014. Some nice holy mountain recreation among some other wild 3D symbols

Video directed by Noah Spidermen

DÄLEK – Guaranteed Struggle

7 Feb

Hippo Campus – buttercup (Official Video)

5 Feb

Beautiful animation style

Direction: Noah Farrar Animation: Noah Farrar, and Aaron Yankowiak of @dolorondu

SOPHIE – Faceshopping and It’s Okay To Cry

31 Jan

The British producer and musician SOPHIE has passed away last Saturday (January 30).

Matt Hand – BRB (video by Paul Plastic)

25 Jan
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