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R.E.M Music videos

23 Jan

It was some surprise for me to find out that the music videos to  two of R.E.M’s most well-known singles from the 90’s have a somewhat psychedelic style to them.

Both of them have hallucinatory qualities to them, but I especially like how the beautiful video for “Losing My Religion” has the feeling that it takes place inside someone’s mind. The things that the imagery does to the watcher’s imagination… I guess that’s the sort of thing that Terrence McKenna said about it that “There is a transcendental dimension beyond language…”.

I would also recommend to watch them without the sound, especially the first one. The images can speak for themselves.

REM – Imitation of Life

1 May

Not your typical psychedelic clip, but aside for the interesting techniques used to make this one, I find the changes in perspectives to be pretty psychedelic. One pool party, but multiple realities coexisting one near another. This video clip give us a nice illustration of the multiple universes surrounding us in life.

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