Psychedelic Glo-Fi Music Videos List

26 Apr

For its 3rd birthday the DPV is featuring a series of psychedelic videos specials which will run between the 22 and the 28 of April 2013. Stay tuned for more of our psychedelic specials.

As its name suggests, Glo-fi is a music genre that encompasses the brighter side of psychedelia. It incorporates hypnagogic themes, short melodies, and heavy processing. Glo-fi artists often utilize electronic elements such as looping samples and vocals altered to the point of being musical rather than lyrical. Although these artists span a range of different sounds and styles, the result is always ethereal and chill. Some of these are official videos and some are fan-made, but they all express Glo-fi at its best.

This video from Blackbird Blackbird perfectly reflects the nature of the song. The stroboscopic editing correlates to the shimmering sound, and the kaleidoscopic visuals complement the vocals. Song: Pure.

This song/video from Technika incorporates IDM-esque samples and beats with distorted vocals to create a dreamlike feel. Song: Swallows Fly Low.

Balam Acab is one of my favorite glo-fi artists. The surreal and floaty song Regret Making Mistakes is matched with snowy geometric imagery in this video my Marco Nunez.

This video is for a collaboration between XXYYXX and Giraffage. The multichrome visuals take the viewer on a dimensional trip through the Italian countryside. Song: Even Though.

This song has an easy rising quality, expressed nicely in the translucent nebulous visuals. The song is Tarifa by Forrests.

Rivka is another favorite of mine; the entire album (RIVKA) that this song (Kid Animal) comes from is incredible. This video is one of those rare masterpieces that so perfectly complements the music that the two become mentally inseparable. PɨK uses footage from Baron Prasil, the 60’s Czech version of Baron Munchausen.

This video relays an airy and coastal feel through an altered perception. The song is Magic by Panama.

This is another great video from Vimeo user PɨK. He uses footage from Alain Escalle’s The Tale of the Floating World for Taquwami’s ethereal and soaring Time After Time.

This video’s prismatic visuals complement the hypnagogia of Upperground Stories by Plastic Flowers.

This video is a trippy homage to 1990’s cgi and internet, set to Vektroid’s Surfin Geocities. Remember Geocities?

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