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Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen – Psychedelic Hollowin Candy Cake

17 Apr
Not sure if I really want it or should I be disgusted 😉 Anyways the trippiness is definitely here

Shamanic Ayahuasca Visions

3 Apr

Boston 168 – Oblivion And Vapor

20 Mar
Crazy story and visuals by David Vandervoort – Pinched

Koan Sound – Jongmyo (dir: The Void)

18 Mar

CloZee – Envision 2017 Mixtape

9 Mar

Tchaikovsky Waltz of Flowers – Blooming Time Lapse

6 Mar

Beautiful time lapse full of amazing colors and shapes. Because flowers are SO trippy.

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On

2 Mar

The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On
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