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Acid Trance Mix Original 2 (2K 60FPS UHD)

29 Jul

LSD Trip Simulation Replication [Accurate POV]

22 Jul

Synesthetic forest walk (Psychedelic replication)

15 Jul

LSD/Acid Visual Simulation in a Walk Through Nature

8 Jul

Silent 4K Fractal Flame Radial Kaleidoscope Screensaver – 2 Minute Loop – 3 Hrs – Calming & Soothing

1 Jul

Another silent visual treat begging to be paired with your favourite sounds.

Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

26 Jun

4K Psychedelic Animated Graphics – 2 Hours!

24 Jun

Put on an album, playlist, mixtape, podcast, or whatever sounds you fancy to accompany this purely visual feast.

i’m a princess

19 Jun

Wachaga and other videos from Tanzania by Kutiman

12 Jun

Some truly awesome psychedelic videos by Israeli musician Kutiman, taken filmed during his visit to Tanzania.

“It’s like electronic LSD” – Robert Anton Wilson

10 Jun
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