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Circles Around The Sun – One For Chuck

17 Nov

Super-awesome video to a super-awesome track!


Jake Fried – Face Mask

3 Nov

Psychedelic animator Jake Fried in a particularly awesome 1 minute video.


27 Oct

A devilish video smartly plays on the famously psychedelic breathing walls effect. Epilepsy seizure warning! Bad Trip Warning!

Trip Aesthetics

13 Oct


‘Trip Aesthetics’ craftily mixes a wide variety of sources in a way that truly transcends to create something new, special and fun. Enjoy!

A psychedelic Miao

7 Jun

Incredible psychedelic cat visuals posted by the Facebook Real Art channel.

Aesthetic Vibes | Future Funk / Vaporwave Mixtape

28 Apr

Recently, I’ve become aware of the existence of Vaporware, an interesting genre from the early 2010s which meshes together some cheesy and  dreamy 1980s and 1990s sounds and aesthetics in some often pretty weird ways. Watching a couple of these vaporware videos can really get you dizzy. Is vaporware psychedelic? I’m not sure, but I think there’s definitely something interestingly surrreal going on there. What do you think?

Tal National – Akokas

9 Apr

High energy rock & roll from Niger.  The band just completed an amazing run of shows in the USA and will tour Europe this summer.  Highly recommended, a psychedelic experience unto itself.  ( Full disclosure: video by me, FlxYrLvMscls! ❤ )

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