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Dan Deacon – When I Was Done Dying

What an astounding thing collaborative effort can be. A few names and styles I recognized, a few I did not, and this video has made me awfully excited to check out the works of the unfamiliar ones.

And at this point, I think it bears mentioning that this is just one of a fair number of videos on this blog that have been featured on Adult Swim. Adult Swim, I think, is much closer to What MTV Should Be than MTV itself is. Practically everyone I know in their late teens and early twenties appreciates at least one show on Adult Swim, and the music videos they broadcast are consistently worthy selections.

Coolness is the supreme value by which networks and products are to be judged when you’re aiming for this demographic. And I’m sorry, MTV, but these days it seems that Adult Swim is a cooler kid than you are.


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