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“Exhumed” by Zola Jesus

15 Oct


“The Gate” by Björk

8 Oct

Tropkillaz – “Morena”

25 Sep

An unofficial music video made by reddit for the Brazilian band, Tropkillaz’s (or “✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ'”) song “Morena”  consisting of 166 animated trippy gifs.

Chancha Via Circuito – Jardines ft. Lido Pimienta (Official video)

23 Sep

Chanca Via Circuito in another bewitched music video and those sweet Spanish sounds.

A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray”

4 Sep

Conway’s Game of Life

14 Aug

A simulation of life patterns in John Conway’s: Game of Life.

Bag Raiders – “Shooting Stars”

24 Jul

Ladies and Gentlemen, Australian electronic band Bag Raiders bring you, the meme, the myth, the legend, “Shooting Stars”. The official music video.

To be quite honest, this is actually a decent song to listen too. If only it wasn’t for the vast amount of memes utilizing this song, most likely more people would take it seriously. kinda like “All Stars” by Smash Mouth.

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