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Róisín Murphy – Narcissus

12 Mar

Lusine – Not Alone (feat. Jenn Champion)

10 Mar

Sarasara – Ego Trip

26 Feb

(Thanks to Michael for suggesting the video)

Lucky People Center International – So we are the dancing apes (man must dance)

18 Feb

Cosmo, Not. – Gage Winslow

10 Feb

A nice AI trip through time and space. These are getting pretty wild, eh?

Max Cooper – Everything

27 Jan

Many of us are familiar with Max Cooper’s work at this point. This one came out last year and is one of my personal favorites from him. I mean, just look at this thumbnail!


20 Jan

I really like the editing and imagery choices! Directed by : Douze

DEEP DOWN – Maciek Janicki

30 Dec

Top notch animation here

Masterdamus visuals @ TRILOGY PURIM 2018 @ NIGHT by unity crew

29 Dec

Visuals by VJ Masterdamus.

Maylee Todd – No Other

25 Dec
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