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The Intergalactic Underground and the Geula Party

Some of the DPV readers might know that I was previously involved in a few psychedelic video projects, and while it feel weird featuring my own videos on the site, I guess it’s time these video get added to the growing collection of psychedelic videos accumulating here on the DPV.

The first one of these psychedelic video projects, the Intergalactic Underground, was a messianic web course designed to turn its viewers into intergalactic masters. It went on YouTube on March 2007, at a time when there was nothing like it on the site. Michal Wexler, who was a contributor and editor on this site featured one of the videos from the series back in the early days of the DPV.  Here’s another one, the first, and most memorable episode from the series.

A second psychedelic video project I produced was Geula Party, which posted its YouTube videos in parallel to the 2009 Israeli elections. The Geula party demanded consciousness expansion for Israel and for the whole middle east. It was not about running for parliament but about participating in the inner elections, the ones taking place inside consciousness. You can read more about that project in this article which was published on Reality Sandwich.



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