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Seder-Masochism – God-Mother by Nina Paley

1 Apr

Midjourney Music Video – Phantom Regret by Jim

17 Mar

Song in Phantom Regret by Jim (The Dawn FM Experience) by the Weekend

A network of science: 150 years of Nature papers / Nature videos

11 Mar

The galaxy of science is psychedelic.

Lucky People Center International – So we are the dancing apes (man must dance)

18 Feb

“The Alchemist”s Letter” – by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

13 Jan
This video may have flown under the radar. I’ve only seen it in a few mixes, but oh my, does it hit hard :’)

Pelle Cass: Crowded Fields

17 Dec

A Brief Guide to Egyptian Surrealism | Tate

20 Aug

3:45 PM

22 Jul

A reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride 🙂

The Jumblies – AI Pixel Poems – pytti

1 Apr

Wild new AI visualizations

Awaken Transform II (Martin Stebbing)

21 Mar

More video inspiration from DPV favorite Martin Stebbing.

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