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“The Peace Tape” by Jacob Ciocci

21 May

Music by Extreme Animals.


Ra Djan – Cube (Vids Invader)

18 Mar

Another hyper-psychedelic video mash-up by Ra Djan.

Revolution – Records and Labels – V&A video

4 Feb

If you’re in London this month, you still have a chance to go and see the Records and Labels exhibition in the V&A museum. As spectacular and illustrative a take on the 1960s and their impact on culture as you’ll ever get to see, with lots of delicious psychedelia.


Dragon House | The Agents | Dubstep

24 Oct


Ra Djan cosmic warrior and other videos

15 Oct

Ra Djan mixes some highly psychedelic far out videos. Check ’em out!


12 Sep

Giancarlo and Nicole try to build IKEA furniture while on acid.

GoPro: Endless Barrels – GoPro of the Winter 2013-14 powered by Surfline

29 Aug

Surfing and psychedelics always mixed well, from Santa Cruz to the rest of the US pacific shore. A MAPS bulletin article about psychedelics and extreme sports one touched upon the whole surfer-psychedelic connection in depth, and it tuns out some surfers have been able to reach exceptional surfing abilities by combining surfing and the use of psychedelics. I can’t imagine how it feels to surf inside a wave, while on a psychedelic, but it certainly looks amazing.

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