What Is Freedom ? Chapter 1 “Yesod ” – “Our fReedom ” – New Rainbow Order

29 Jun

Guy Nastro goes around asking friends from the Israeli psytrance scene what freedom is for them, mixing their answers with a lot of kicking psytrance music, nature, juggling, Krishamurti and Terence Mckenna. The beautiful video transmission about the power of freedom is like a treatise, a prayer and a spiritual voyage, all at once. It calls upon us to realize our own freedom and comprises a powerful and inspiring document of a dissident searching for freedom, in a time when freedom is under attack.

This video is the first in a series of videos which will accompany Nastro on his travels around Europe looking for a land to buy. The last episode, Nastro says, should be the episode where he will already have his own land. He then intends to start a second video series which will focus on how to build a futuristic, psychedelic agricultural village.


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