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Scatmans World (Official Video) HD -Scatman John

4 Dec

Acid Arab🔸Malek Ya Zahri (feat. Cheikha Hadjla)

30 Oct

EL Waili – 2010 / الوايلى – الفين وعشرة (Official Music Video)

2 Oct

El Waili is the most psychedelic Egyptian artist I’ve coe across. He creates these Electro Sha’abi (Sha’abi= folk in Arabic) beats that are so special. The video itself is also an interesting video art piece. Enjoy!

Bathroom Scene – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

23 Sep

Thumpasaurus – Alien (animations by Stephen R Hutchins)

9 Aug

SZA – Good Days (Official Video)

1 May

Spooky-J & Ekhe – Passinho Gringo Foda (dir. Hugo Inglez)

26 Apr

WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE (NYE in virtual Notre Dame)

30 Jan

DJ Oof (High scenes) – “Club to death” (movie mashup)

30 Oct

The entire ABC of drugs. Awesome video by DJ Oof.


25 Jul
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