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Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet

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Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning (Official Video)

You may have seen Dan Deacon featured on adult swim before. The even aired an off the air episode he made. He still plays live sets from time to time. Here is his music video ‘Feel the Lightning’

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Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”

“Wonderland” by Caravan Palace off there album “<|°_°|>” AKA “Robot Face”

Caravan Palace specializes in the genre of “Electro Swing” which in my opinion is a very interesting and amazing sound they produce.

Theres only enough electro swing artists to fit on both of my hands but Caravan Palace is by far the best. If you want to go explore more of this genre and/or music then Caravan Palace’s “PANIC!’ album is where to start your journey my friend.