Psychedelic Mushroom TRIP 4K ~ Who Am I?… A Psilocybin journey

6 Jul

Today we have something special for you here on the DPV. Steven Anthony Khoury has created a beautiful one-hour video designed to accompany the first hour of a tripping experience and gently ease the tripper into the experience.

As Steven Says:

“I wanted to create a vid that can hand hold people through the first hour of come-up,  gently start their trip positively, catapulting them into their psyches with good energy.

This video was designed to remind us of what we hold dear to our hearts:  children, happiness, nature, music, the universe, fire, speed, water and love, etc….  It’s not easy to depict so many thoughts into one piece of work, but with a psychedelic video there are no rules.”
The video, which is dedicated to MAPS (Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) and to the Beckley Foundation, is a description of Steven’s own tripping experiences, he says. It is made of original footage which was shot over a 3 year period in many countries: Australia, US, UK, Guyana, Canada, Lebanon, Malaysia and Brazil, and stock footage obtained from friends and colleagues. Aftereffects were added with Autodesk Maya.
The video has been tested and trialed by a many of Steven’s friends who used it while breaking through to the other side. Steven says that “though not absolutely necessary, the vid does require a person to be inebriated in order to appreciate the introspective thought processes that it tries to portray.”
For my part, I can say that I never saw a one hour psychedelic video which grabs your attention, but this one seemed to do just that and yet keep itself introspective, enriching the experience with beautiful stimulation and very good vibe. So, next time you trip, consider this as an accompaniment video.

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