Ave – Bracha LaShana Hachadasha (A blessing for the new year)

23 Jan

A few years ago we’ve featured a number of videos by Ave (here, here and here), which presented  a very personal,  meditative and sometimes even mystical style.

I find that Ave’s work is remarkable in the way in which it connects one to the experience of the present moment. Even more remarkably, it does that by merging the viewer with the naked presence of the moment in which the video was taken, with its qualities of unpredictability, unrepeatability, spontaneity and freedom. These meditative journeys can be embarked upon by following a plastic bag as it wonders around the city, going up and down the amusement park wonder wheel together with your friend, or singing to the sun.

In this video Ave and friends probe deeper into the realms of performance. They present the camera with a space of deep intimacy, which can be entered and experienced by anybody watching this video.



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