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10 Dec

Israeli poet and artist Ave has been a regular feature onthe DPV since it’s very beginning. Ave’s video (see here) are unique in that what makes them psychedelic is not a garish flow of colors on the screen, but rather something more simple and unmediated. The felt presence of immediate experience.

Whether it is two plastic bags hovering around each other in the wind like two lovers caught up in a dance, or a zen moment on top of an amusement park merry go round, Ave’s videos capture something elusive and beautiful about the reality of the present moment. As a viewer, you tend to get caught in the experience of what is happened in those very moments in which the video was shot.

Ave has a very Zen-like approach to film making, a way of filming reality and yet being present in it. Whether he is the one shooting the video or the one to appear in it, the camera is not invisible. It is part of the scene, like a participator but in a way that doesn’t hem or hamper the magic which happens on the screen but ends up making it even brighter and more awesome.

Ave’s present video, Pelepe, is, to my mind, his best work so far. It starts as a regular ride on the Israel train service, but then Ave and his partner in this video, the dancer K, begin their highly peculiar act which is difficult to describe: is this a dance? a performance? a meditation?

As they continue they arouse the interest of not only their immediate wagon neighbors. The entire train car gets involved, all sharing the magic of the moment, the wonder of watching people open up like this, sharing their intimacy with strangers on the train. In this way, Ave and K give those around them the present of intimacy, as the whole train wagon gets immersed in the special and beautiful happening.

Things continue to evolve from there, ending with a reminder of the kind of fears this intimacy and expressiveness can also stimulate in some, and the existence of violence which is always there lurking alongside the beauty and the joy in this imperfectly perfect world of ours.

A spectacular video.

Ave – Bracha LaShana Hachadasha (A blessing for the new year)

23 Jan

A few years ago we’ve featured a number of videos by Ave (here, here and here), which presented  a very personal,  meditative and sometimes even mystical style.

I find that Ave’s work is remarkable in the way in which it connects one to the experience of the present moment. Even more remarkably, it does that by merging the viewer with the naked presence of the moment in which the video was taken, with its qualities of unpredictability, unrepeatability, spontaneity and freedom. These meditative journeys can be embarked upon by following a plastic bag as it wonders around the city, going up and down the amusement park wonder wheel together with your friend, or singing to the sun.

In this video Ave and friends probe deeper into the realms of performance. They present the camera with a space of deep intimacy, which can be entered and experienced by anybody watching this video.


PLASTIC BAGS love story

21 Dec

A night walk in the windy streets of Tel Aviv turns into a ecstatic-meditative journey, following the magical encounter of two plastic bags who wonder the streets together, going on and on in a mystical cyclical bag dance. And for a moment the whole street seems to wake up with vibrant life – joining them in a communal dance of bags, feathers,  flowers and even a butterfly.

What I love about this movie, among other things, is it’s sweeping spontaneity: the powerful sense our protagonists radiate (and even I as a viewer have) of witnessing a magical moment – of being in the presence of magic. This magic is very quiet and low-key. It could have easily have gone unnoticed (and indeed is unnoticed by the  bypassers and the cars who cross the street), but our two protagonists, ready to explore the mystery of the streets, are rewarded with the subtle poetical magic that makes this scene enchanted.

“Took part in the making/filming/singing of the movie:
yaacov beaton, mihal goldstein, inbar algazi, shira levy, avner amit, keren sheffi.”

A psychedelic love video

22 Jun

A video which was done by a friend for our friends’ wedding which took place yesterday, in the longest day of the year. The voice in the background is the groom singing “I love you”. I loved the shooting style, which uses the simple technique of suddenly pointing the camera towards the sun or the illuminated sky again and again, stunning the camera with light and achieving a special transcendent quality, which transforms the singer’s words into a proclamation of love to the sun and the universe itself. The gaze, which is directed towards the sun again and again from various settings in the Israeli environment, makes this into a love song to the sun who is with us everywhere radiating its glowing light. Beautiful.

Amusement park zen moment

6 Oct

A giant wheel. A zen moment. Beauty in action.

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