PLASTIC BAGS love story

21 Dec

A night walk in the windy streets of Tel Aviv turns into a ecstatic-meditative journey, following the magical encounter of two plastic bags who wonder the streets together, going on and on in a mystical cyclical bag dance. And for a moment the whole street seems to wake up with vibrant life – joining them in a communal dance of bags, feathers,  flowers and even a butterfly.

What I love about this movie, among other things, is it’s sweeping spontaneity: the powerful sense our protagonists radiate (and even I as a viewer have) of witnessing a magical moment – of being in the presence of magic. This magic is very quiet and low-key. It could have easily have gone unnoticed (and indeed is unnoticed by the  bypassers and the cars who cross the street), but our two protagonists, ready to explore the mystery of the streets, are rewarded with the subtle poetical magic that makes this scene enchanted.

“Took part in the making/filming/singing of the movie:
yaacov beaton, mihal goldstein, inbar algazi, shira levy, avner amit, keren sheffi.”

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