Off the Air: Bliss (S12E03)

4 Apr

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Jim Denevan’s “Angel of Repose” Desert X Allula 2022 footage by Lance Gerber
Light/Atmosphere Studies by Zach Lieberman
Let Loose by Erik Ferguson (credited as fergemanden)
Memory of Brittany by Benjamin Bardou
Unabomber Speckles drawing provided by R. Land
Glitter Bliss bokeh photography by Shawn Knol
Blessed by Cool 3D World
Polymorphic by Michael McAfee
Flow by Hideki Inaba
Wave Pool in China footage provided by Aerialcollection
Jim Denevan’s “Radiating Sand Mounds” footage by Brighton Denevan

An additional segment, Big and Small Night by Anna Seregina and Kyle Mizono, was commissioned for the episode, but wasn’t included due to time constraints.


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