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Epi2mik viral street art

28 Mar

Here is a montage of a French guy, Thierry Olivier aka Epi2mik, a street artist from Caen (FR),

Epi2mik has his own psychedelism in his way of painting, a kind of organic urban gangrene, investing the streets and the street furniture…as a pictural virus could invite itself in our vision, sometimes…!

” For me, this symbolizes all the negative things that our generation lives: AIDS, unemployment, corruption, increase of extremism, the downhill of capitalism….and so on. The city is my framework, I try to promote damaged places, disused places to realize these compositions which are like warning for the citizen…”

At the opposite of graffers, Epi2mik does not use aerosol. With a brush and water paint, he composes these short-lived urban pictures that rain will erase…

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