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Jay Nivana – Psychedel (Short Film by Avteur)

28 Nov

Tales from the Trip S01E71: When a Shroom Trip at the Spy Museum Becomes Much More (ft. Katie Molinaro)

22 Nov

It’s a thriller!

Tales from the Trip S01E70: Jim Belushi Took Ayahuasca in Peru and Fought Monkeys in His Mind

8 Nov

The management team of spirits is far out.

Tales from the Trip S01E69: DeStorm Took Shrooms and Wrote a Classic Song You’ve Never Heard

25 Oct

Casual tripping with friends.

Artificial Nightmares: The Sirens’ Song || Clip Guided Diffusion AI Art Video [4K 24 FPS]

22 Oct

Tales from the Trip S01E68: Melissa Ong Hooked Up with a Magician While on Shrooms, Acid & Ketamine

11 Oct

A different point of view of the same night of tripping that Scumbag Dad took part in.

Tales from the Trip S01E67: Meeting a Mississippi Mayor on Shrooms (ft. Grandson)

27 Sep

A pleasant trip on the beach.

Tales from the Trip S01E66: Scumbag Dad Partied with Lil Jon and Melissa Ong on Shrooms

13 Sep

TikTok comedian has a rather wholesome trip in Las Vegas.

Tales from the Trip S01E65: Life Became a Video Game When Fenix Flexin Dropped Acid

30 Aug

It seems amazingly common for kids in the US to trip at school.

The Smile – Free in the Knowledge (Official Video)

27 Aug
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