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Tales from the Trip S01E41: Out of Your Mind on Shrooms? Don’t Buy a Computer (ft. Dan Deacon)

21 Sep

Highly goal-oriented tripping!

Tales from the Trip S01E40: Tripping on LSD During High School Classes (ft. Sean Patton)

7 Sep

LSD is known to sometimes have performance-enhancing effects.

Mushrooms/DeadPeople Official Music Video

28 Aug

Tales from the Trip S01E39: Disaster: A Haircut Intervention While Tripping (ft. Blair Socci)

24 Aug

Caution: hairstyle critique can be a bummer.

Travis Scott – YOSEMITE

21 Aug

Pyramid – See You In The Other Side (soundtrack)

14 Aug

The Greatest Acid Trip in Cinema History

12 Aug

The LSD from Otto Preminger’s 1968 film, Skidoo.

Tales from the Trip S01E38: EarthGang Dropped Acid and Traveled to a New Dimension in Chicago

10 Aug

EarthGang found Gremlins to be good entertainment while tripping.

Terence Mckenna- The DMT Experience

6 Aug

Acid Trance Mix Original 2 (2K 60FPS UHD)

29 Jul
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