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This Will Destroy You – Lie Down in the Light (video by lilfuchs)

18 Jan

Thunder Tillman – Condor Sunflower (Official Music Video)

16 Jan

Tales from the Trip S01E22: Duncan Trussell Took So Much Ketamine That Time Stopped

12 Jan

Just your average Burning Man trip story.


9 Jan

Tales from the Trip S01E21: Pauly Shore’s First (and Last) Time Ever Tripping on Shrooms

29 Dec

Young Pauly had an emotional moment with his mom Mitzi while tripping.

Tales from the Trip S01E20: Shane Mauss’s DMT Sent Ramin Nazer Into the Multiverse

15 Dec

Shane Mauss is initiating people into DMT.

Memory from Dead Mans Trip (DMT visuals experiment v7)

14 Dec

Stunning work from Symmetric Vision, more:

Tales from the Trip S01E19: Why You Shouldn’t Watch TV on Shrooms

1 Dec

Andy Kindler subjected himself to the randomness of TV while tripping, with varying results.

Arabian Alien | Romantic encounter – اربين الللين | موعد غرامي (ft Tamtam , prod 90sflav)

28 Nov

Tales from the Trip S01E18: Duncan Trussell Took Terence McKenna’s Penis Envy Mushrooms

17 Nov

Duncan tells about his gnome encounter.

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