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Paul Smith – The Dreamer Print

11 Feb

Refik Anadol – “Infinity” installation

4 Feb

Ghost Culture: Lucky

21 Nov

Music video by John Christian Ferner Apalnes.

Fraternidade Kayman

27 Sep

The Fraternidade Kayman are doing some wicked daime (ayahuasca) works mixed with Umbanda (Brazilian spirit religion) motives in the center of the huge Brazilian city Belo Horizonte , and their YouTube and Vimeo channels are filled with quite mind-blowing videos taken from their ceremonies.

La Nuit Je Danse avec la Mort

28 Jun

A peak into the profoundly mind transforming world of the Santo Daime ayahuasca religion in this contemplative video about the Flor da Montanha community

Mr. Madila (dir. Rory WT)

7 May

Mr Madila from Rory WT on Vimeo.

Delightful short film of an animation student’s process of seeking out help from a “spiritual healer” he found advertised on a flier. The story that unfolds is a hilarious examination of the often-blurry line between hucksterism and sincerity that one finds in today’s “urban shaman” and “healer for hire” environment.

John Lennon’s First Acid Trip

27 Dec

John Lennon’s description of his first LSD trip turned into an animation. You can read the longer story in a Rolling Stone article.

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