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Tales from the Trip S01E50: Buying Acid from a Pirate Ship (ft. Moses Storm)

25 Jan

Just a quiet night home and family dinner on acid.

Tales from the Trip S01E49: Shane Mauss’ DMT Girlfriend Got Jealous of His Real Life Girlfriend

11 Jan

I think Shane handled the situation like an adult.

Dissolving Realities Vietnam #3 (Rubenfro)

3 Jan

Learn more:

Tales from the Trip S01E48: Pete Holmes’ Method of Saving a Bad Shroom Trip

28 Dec

Pete learns to float downstream.

Tales from the Trip S01E47: Tegan and Sara’s Teenage, Acid-Fueled 90s Rave Experience

14 Dec

PLUR vibes.

Tales from the Trip S01E46: Riley Reid’s Three Tab Acid Trip Got Her Stuck in a Time Glitch

30 Nov

This one has a bit of a psychedelic emergency and even Riley’s mom doing remote tripsitting.

Tales from the Trip S01E45: Shrooms Made Me Afraid of My Own Shadow (ft. Ryan O’Flanagan)

16 Nov

Ryan became a bit self-conscious, but a dinosaur analogy evened things out.

Tales from the Trip S01E44: Bett Williams’ Psilocybin Crystal Sent Her into Another Dimension

2 Nov

Now this is some real shit. The story is from her book The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey.

Tales from the Trip S01E43: Shrooms & Acid Made Amsterdam’s Red Light District Especially Insane for EBEN

19 Oct

Trip tourism.

Basico – Still Fallin (video by Paul Plastic)

11 Oct
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