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Tales from the Trip S01E84: Zachariah Was Terrified of the Chicken Man on Shrooms

23 May

Probably a heroic dose, but quite a smooth ride overall.

Tales from the Trip S01E83: Taking the Rare Psychedelic 2CB Before a Flight (ft. Shane Mauss)

9 May

An educational flight.

Tales from the Trip S01E82: Trevor Wallace Fondled a Fruit While on Shrooms

25 Apr

Sexadelic action.

Tales from the Trip S01E81: Getting Sent to the Weird Depths of Hell on Ayahuasca (ft. Jenny Zigrino)

11 Apr

Not really a bad trip despite the title.

Tales from the Trip S01E80: Shrooms Made Jessica Kirson Hallucinate Banging a Goat Man

28 Mar

A trip to end all trips.

Tales from the Trip S01E79: Stoned for Five Days Straight After a $5K Weed Cake on Halloween (ft. Petey)

14 Mar

Bummer trip, but the story is funny as heck.

Tales from the Trip S01E78: If You Take Too Much LSD, Mr. Rogers Might Save You (ft. Brent Pella)

28 Feb

The shamanic powers of Mr. Rogers in full effect.

Tales from the Trip S01E77: Don’t Get Too Cocky When You Take Shrooms (ft. Irene Tu)

14 Feb

Another case of “I don’t feel anything, I should take more”.

Tales from the Trip S01E76: Beware of Babies Appearing During Your Shroom Trip (ft. Katie Hannigan)

31 Jan

She might have needed a tripsitter, but was tasked with babysitting instead.

Tales from the Trip S01E75: JXDN Took 8 to 10 Grams of Shrooms His First Time and Married Music

17 Jan

An interesting way to describe the experience of fusing with music.

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