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Tales from the Trip S01E43: Shrooms & Acid Made Amsterdam’s Red Light District Especially Insane for EBEN

19 Oct

Trip tourism.

Tales from the Trip S01E42: Why Shrooms & Naked Joyriding Don’t Mix (ft. Royal & the Serpent)

5 Oct

Driving under the influence seems to make for entertaining stories despite its risks.

Bathroom Scene – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

23 Sep

Tales from the Trip S01E41: Out of Your Mind on Shrooms? Don’t Buy a Computer (ft. Dan Deacon)

21 Sep

Highly goal-oriented tripping!


18 Sep

An absolutely crazy, incredible video provides moment to moment coverage of the the path of this Korean dude to supreme 100% enlightenment. An eye opening video.

Tripping (1999 Ken Kesey / Merry Pranksters documentary)

16 Sep

Tales from the Trip S01E40: Tripping on LSD During High School Classes (ft. Sean Patton)

7 Sep

LSD is known to sometimes have performance-enhancing effects.

Tales from the Trip S01E39: Disaster: A Haircut Intervention While Tripping (ft. Blair Socci)

24 Aug

Caution: hairstyle critique can be a bummer.

The Greatest Acid Trip in Cinema History

12 Aug

The LSD from Otto Preminger’s 1968 film, Skidoo.

Tales from the Trip S01E38: EarthGang Dropped Acid and Traveled to a New Dimension in Chicago

10 Aug

EarthGang found Gremlins to be good entertainment while tripping.

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