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“Times Square” by Destroyer

18 Dec

This lovely clip for Destroyer’s Times Square is full of strange cigarettes, mushrooms and rather obvious leafs… Enjoy!

The Main Drag “Dove Nets” directed by Ben&Julia

12 Feb

This beautiful clip was sent to us by it’s very talented creators – Ben & Julia.

Their Vimeo page features more of their sweet psychedelic work.

Sun Ra meets the Pink Elephants and the Wind in the Willows

2 Jan

This is almost like a tiny ode to this blog: the pink elephants from Dumbo in sync with the Sun Ra version of the song. Both the Dumbo scene and Sun Ra have been featured on this blog last year.

And as a special bonus: the mind warp trap door to childhood memories of long winter evenings. Uncanny and curiously those guys seem to be moving with the uplift of boredom and the glamour of a little temperature (if you have not made all of your childhood memories yet.. don’t wait another year).

Love to you!

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