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Dobby the dog tripping on cane toads

6 Nov

Dobby has an unquenchable thirst for bufotenin (5-HO-DMT).

Larytta – Souvenir de Chine

8 Jun

Larytta – Souvenir de Chine – video directed by körner union

The Main Drag “Dove Nets” directed by Ben&Julia

12 Feb

This beautiful clip was sent to us by it’s very talented creators – Ben & Julia.

Their Vimeo page features more of their sweet psychedelic work.

Psychedelic Ke$ha – Your love is my drug

26 Jul

Ultra-capitalistic mega-synthetic pop star Ke$ha has recently released a highly psychedelic video with lots of references to drug culture, psychedelic culture, shamanic culture and hippies.

This time Ke$ha, formerly in love only with the $ sign, wakes in the desert and finds herself in love with some hippie. Throughout the song she is dancing around in the desert, playing with motives of indigenous and shamanic culture (Wearing native-american styled clothing, putting on a totem mask of a tiger, or wearing glowing body painting reminding of shamanic wall and body painting) seeing hallucinations and singing about being addicted to this hippie like a “drug”, referring to herself as a “crackhead”.

Things get really wild around 1:30. In this sequence Ke$ha and the hippie are inside a boat in the middle of the desert, probably hallucinating on the “love drug”, they are trying to stir the boat through the sands when they go into a full fledged hallucination whose style kind of reminds one of “Yellow Submarine” animations and this eventually develops to fractals and more modern style psychedelic imagery.

Has Ke$ha had a new psychedelic revelation or is this just another cash-hallucination on the way to stardom. Time will tell, but we will be hoping for more psychedelic videos from Ke$ha in the future.

You can find an interesting and more world-conspiracy style interpretation of Ke$ha’s video here.

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