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“Bleck”- music video for JJUUJJUU directed by Vinyl Williams

18 Aug

Download ad the interactive version at

“Falling to Pieces” by Faith No More

13 Aug

Recess: School’s Out – “Green Tambourine”

7 Aug

Credit sequence from the movie Recess: Schools Out.

I remember watching this show whenever i could when i was a kid, and it brings backs much nostalgia just watching it again. I saw the movie as a kid, but watching it again i never noticed how much 60’s references there were, as well as this psychedelic ending to my childhood. It brings me much joy and laughter knowing that a children’s show like this had the balls to incorporate 60’s elements like this into there movie. Its beautiful really, and earns its place as one of my favorite childhood shows.

“Moth Eaten Deerhead” by The Locust

6 Aug

Bonus Track:

Ty Segall-“Break a Guitar”

4 Aug

Moon Duo – Lost in Light (Official Music Video)

15 Jul

San Francisco’s Moon Duo with a hyper-colorful animated music video.

Ringo Deathstarr – “Rip”

10 Jul


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