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Outronaut – High of Thirteen

18 Oct

Video from Flex Your Love Muscles studios. Source material from Mandelbulb3d renders by Tommy Steenrod.

Guided by Voices – Dance of Gurus (Aaron Dunkel/Michael Nigro)

13 Sep

GBV! GBV! GBV! New single from the never-ending Robert Pollard rock factory.

Churchills (Jericho Jones) Coral for Young Lovers

11 Sep

1960s Israeli psychedelic band, the Churchills, known abroad as Jericho Jones (name was changed for the international tours to avoid hurting the English people’s feelings), beautiful rendition of a Bach tune.

Wild in the Streets (1968) – Full Movie

9 Sep

Dark Fjord and Unseen Ways – Trainwreck

2 Aug

directed by Kent Hedley-Thomas

Godflesh – Slavestate

25 Jul

Lucid Express – Wellwave

18 Jul

Hakol Yafeh Labsamim Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin

17 Jul

Beautiful psychedelics song and video by Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin, quoting some biblical quotes about rolling the perfumes of temple (read: smoking utensils)

Animal Collective – ODDSAC (Film)

17 Jun

DIIV – The Spark

16 May
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