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1990s X Rave – Amazing footage

17 Jun

Watching other people on drugs is fun and interesting even when you are totally sober.  Sometimes, it can bring you back to the way it felt for you when you were buzzing. At other times it is just plain funny and weird to watch.

This 15 minutes movie is taken from a security camera from installed in a 1992 rave where most of the people must haven going on incredibly high doses of ecstasy (Check out the incredible jaw movement of the dude at 2:10).

Ecstasy, incidentally, is not really a psychedelic, only a semi-psychedelic, and is linked to many adverse affects, ┬áso it’s best to learn about it before thinking of giving it a try.

The 1990s D.J. who uploaded this video writes some pretty moving words on YouTube, reminiscing about the times:

“In this video which is actually 4 hour long cut down, you will see how some of the people enjoyed the best music in rave culture. Some people will never see these days and some will have lived them so I dedicate this to you and the friends gained and lost through good and bad times. enjoy…

If you was there say your shout outs as you would have wanted…
If you have lost friends maybe you can add a tribute.

If you want to put a bad comment have some respect and keep it for your self..

This video is surely about the good times… Its about Peace & Love”

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