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Calvin Cardioid – Lullaby For A Nameless Creature

28 Oct

Such a chill little video, I’m surprised it’s not more popular. Maybe I just love a good lullaby

3:45 PM

22 Jul

A reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride 🙂

frankie teardrop dead – egg in a hamcup (take deux)

19 Apr

Animal Crossing: Wakenbake Trippy Island Tour

6 Feb

Island design by Instagram user mushlamp. Island tour by youtube channel Katie on Calla Cove.

כולם מאוהבים בי

25 Dec

Bullion – Blue Pedro (official vid)

2 Jul

Space and the City

12 Jun

Hungry Spiders (Official Video) Cualli

29 Jan

Hilarious little music video from the funky man Cualli

Crumb – So Tired [Unofficial Video]

8 Jan

Low res video but fits the vibe nicely for a really chill Crumb song!

Aptic’s Synapsis: An AudioVisual Experience

6 Nov

Collaborative effort on a really mind-bending piece of media! Lots of smaller visuals artists doing amazing things.

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