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Face Like a Frog – Sally Cruikshank

14 Jun



Black market karma – melody signal

7 Jun

Some really out there stuff!

The Books – Playall

10 May

The books captured that nostalgic psychedelia with their live music. But they were also incredible collectors of very odd and very old video tape recordings. Their DVD “Playall” combines the best of their two worlds into a truly unique experience.

Xylouris White – Only Love (dir: Lucy Dyson)

28 Jan

El Guincho- Palmitos Park (dir. Gerson Aguerri)

14 Jan

Trip Aesthetics

13 Oct


‘Trip Aesthetics’ craftily mixes a wide variety of sources in a way that truly transcends to create something new, special and fun. Enjoy!

Triptastic Gif Compilation – DayDreemer

22 Sep

A short compilation I made of some of the trippiest gifs on the planet mixed with cutting edge psychedelic electronic music

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